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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fit Fun Dogs

Do you love or own a dog? Want to have
a Fit Fun dog? Connect with other dog
lovers. Join us. Daily exercise and good
nutrition = Fit Fun Dogs. We are a
healthy online pet store and a social
networking site.
Say "hi" to my dog Sparky, a 2-year old female that I adopted from the shelter. We are a part of the Fit-Twist family. I am also an event planner who organizes Fit Fun activities for dog owners with my Fun-Dogs group. It's free to join and most events are cheap or free. There's a cost to running this group so we are looking for supporting members or sponsors. Say no to puppy mills and adopt a dog or find a reputable breeder at AKC. I am a member of SPCALA and HSUS
Doga: Yoga for Dogs
If you enjoy practicing yoga, perhaps your dog will too. Dogs are already very adept at stretching and getting themselves into a peaceful state of relaxation, so they are a natural when it comes to yoga. What exactly is doga? “The class is just like any other yoga class I would teach, but the dog is incorporated into all the poses.”  Doga instructor, Suzi Teitelman said. Doga includes relaxing massage, stretching, rubbing, omming, loving, flowing and breathing.

The Benefits of Doga
Just like people after a good yoga session, dogs seem to feel happy, excited and free. Some even seem to feel proud. The long-term benefits of doga are better health, flexible and toned bodies, and a closer bond with their human.  Not only does doga have all kinds of benefits, it gives you a loving experience with your dog.  I want to teach a free doga class for a group.

Invest in exercise and healthy food to take care of yourself and your dog. Don't think you're saving money by getting cheap, mostly junk food. We are what we eat. U.S.A is the fattest country. 70% of Americans are now overweight says the report, a number that will balloon to 75% in 2020. Food researchers indict the couch-and-mouse lifestyle, with people watching more T.V. and clicking online. That's why I'm on the PCTV Diet.

Fit Fun Dogs

Fit-Twist: Yoga with a Twist

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