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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lesson 4: Love the Good

I am thankful for being alive and present.
I am grateful for my dog (my walking buddy).
I am thankful for living close to the ocean.
I am grateful for all my teachers.
I am thankful for being bilingual (English & Cantonese/ Chinese).
I am grateful for my abilities.
I am thankful for my strengths and weaknesses.
I am grateful for the good in my life.
I give back out of love and thankfulness.

What really matters to you? What would it be like to really be happy? Do you want a more meaningful and satisfying life? Thankfulness will shift your perspective and redefine your view of what is really happening. You might be surprised by how many good things you can find to be grateful for. Being thankful for the good also break the cycle of negative thinking. See the beauty of what is showing up in your life. Be present. Share what you've learned from The Goddess Training with your friends and loved ones. Show others that you appreciate them with a call, an email or a written note. With this practice, you will have better relationships.

I am an affiliate at Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC offers a framework to reconnect us to the needs behind our own or another person’s behavior, even in the most difficult of interactions.

Get Started with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Lesson 3: Love Your Life

1. I love life and it loves me!
2. I let go of the need for control and trust that life supports my success
3. I create openness and possibilities by creating space.

Do more of what empowers and energizes you. Avoid or do less of what drains you. Simple but it takes practice to love life when there are so many demands and expectations. You are here for a purpose and you matter. We often compare ourselves with others and wish that we were more "beautiful, thin, rich..." We buy into the lie that these trappings will make us happy. I used to think that way before tapping into my inner wisdom. Yoga allowed me to explore and inquire within because it teaches present-moment appreciation. That created a safe space for me to grow spiritually.

I've  always felt that I didn't fit in because my creativity and sensitivity was put down. You see, my parents value the traditional strengths of ambition, competition and winning at any cost. I used to blame them for my unhappiness. If you have parents like mine, realize that they inherited their beliefs and forgive them. I never felt happy about winning when it meant that other people lost. I was in the swimming team and did much better in relays because I wanted my team to win. When I swam by myself against others, I wasn't motivated to push as hard as I could. In classes, I did well and got good grades because I was expected to be a good student. I also didn't feel that internal conflict of "win-lose".

My parents also instilled the feeling of lack in me by comparing me to my older sister who is "a go-getter, smarter and more successful" than I am. My dad used to ask me why I didn't go get a MBA (Master of Business Administration) and when I told him I wanted to be a teacher, he thought I was wasting my time because teachers don't make good money. I didn't know that he placed money above education until he discouraged me and made me question my decision. Now I know that part of the reason why teaching is not as respected or valued is because of the old Domination Model.

We entrust our children to teachers and often take them for granted. Most Americans don't teach their children to respect teachers. It was evident when I first moved here to the U.S from Hong Kong. I was shocked that students could act up and talk back to their teachers in class with no real consequence. One reason why Asian students do better in classes is because we tend to pay more attention and respect our teachers. People often complain about the state of our public education without a closer look at how society devalues teaching. "Those who can't do, teach" is a popular, well-known phrase.I taught for two years but the lack of support from parents, the school and the teachers union caused me to be so stressed out that I got sick a lot. Finally, I had to quit for health reasons.

So before parents send their kids to charter schools or private schools, they need to ask if there is a way they can be involved in their public schools and better support their teachers to improve their children's educational experience. But I digress from the lesson of loving your life. I am learning to do more of what I love daily. I am loving my life slowly but surely. There are still days when I struggle and regress. We all need to focus on what's good in our lives and look on the bright side.
There is too much negativity and that leads to stress. In order to reclaim our sanity and truth, we must love what is showing up and where we are in our lives. I am an affiliate at Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC offers a framework to reconnect us to the needs behind our own or another person’s behavior, even in the most difficult of interactions. 

Lesson 2: Love Your Body

1. Give yourself a head to toe massage

2. Aromatherapy for relaxation - certain scents like lavender can improve your mood and reduce stress. Go to the Co-Op or Whole Foods store, find the aromatherapy section and test out some scents for your use.

3. Get some fresh air and sunshine. Studies show that 3 out of 4 Americans suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and short 15-30 min of sun exposure before or after the hottest time of the day (between 12-3 pm).

4. Appreciate each part of your body for its functional purpose. I still get critical of my body, but I catch myself and ask if this empowers me or not. Then, I gently remind myself to see the good.

5. Affirmations serve as a powerful tool when combined with intention. Set an intention to be kind to your body. I use these phrases when I get critical.

"I love my body for being a vessel that carries my soul. I love myself: my mind, body and soul. My thoughts are like clouds in the sky, passing through above me as I observe them. My feelings are like waves on the surface of the ocean. They crest and dip while deep below I am calm and still."

Making successful changes means creating the right plan for your needs.

Nourish will get you started by creating a custom healthy eating plan.
Balance can help you lose weight with a personalized eating, exercise, and behavior-change plan.

Create specific, realistic goals to improve your diet. 

Decide where you want to start.Focus on one small goal at a time. This could be eating a healthy breakfast, being sure to get 6 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, or cutting back the number of times you eat fast food to once a week.

Set up a realistic timeline for meeting your goals.
The self-confidence you get from accomplishing a small goal helps keep you on your path for achieving your big goal.

Write down your goals and why you want to achieve them.
Post them where you will constantly see them. This provides you with clear direction and also the motivation to keep at it.

Involve your family and friends.
They can provide support and encouragement.

When you’re ready, set a new healthy eating goal.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

21-Life Lessons from Yoga

Lesson 1: Love Yourself

I am grateful to share this crucial and powerful step for reclaiming your wellness. Yoga taught me to practice self-care and self-love. It is a way for me to connect with the Goddess inside me, to tune in to the light and love that exist within me. Our culture and the media want us to believe that we need to seek happiness from things like beauty products, money or weight-loss programs. However, when we pursue happiness outside of ourselves, we lose sight of what we truly want. We all want to be happy, healthy and to live in a sustainable manner. Yet, we are conditioned to buy this or that as if we can acquire happiness like a possession. When we tap into our own Divine being, we can access contentment, peace and wellness.

Commit to Goddess Yoga for 21 days and you will see and feel the difference.


1. I am complete and whole
2. I love myself just the way I am
3. I let go of the need to compare or criticize

Do these yoga poses early in the morning or at night before you go to bed

1. Feet up wall pose - stay still for 10 deep, slow breaths
2. Child pose - snuggle in and relax for 10 deep breaths
3. Forward bend - to calm and relax for 10 slow breaths

Summer is the best time to yoga outdoors. I used to lead Yoga at the Park and now want to start Yoga at the Beach. Let me know if you are interested. Join

Yoga at the Beach

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Closer Look

I am so grateful for my yoga practice. I get to be present, to focus on my breathing and the poses. There is nothing to do and nowhere to be. I can slow down and tune in. It is a time and a way for self-care. At first, I struggled with my racing thoughts and my plans for the day. Then, I settled in to the challenging and relaxing poses. Three things yoga taught me are:

1. Appreciation - Being grateful for what's good and right in my life. Knowing that "this too shall pass" when I am dealing with a hardship or problem.

2. Being present - Breathing and observing my thoughts and feelings. Knowing that I am more than the sum of them. Being aware, but not engaging in the drama.

3. Caring about myself first - As women, we are conditioned to put others first and often put ourselves last. That is how we get stressed, tired and even burnt out.

I am glad I gave yoga a try. I wasn't coordinated or flexible. I often felt like a "klutz", but I kept going back. I gained confidence in my abilities, I was more balanced and always feel great afterwards. My co-worker won't try yoga because he thinks it isn't hard enough. I wish he knew how hard some of the poses are. But yoga is not about competition or punishing the body with hard exercise. It is about union of mind, body and soul. Often, I ask people why they don't like yoga and get answers like "I'm not flexible," "It's too hard", "I don't have time" etc. As you see, there are many excuses but they pre-judge it without learning more or trying it out. In yoga, I became aware of my own excuses and prejudices. I often compared myself to others. "Why can't I be like so and so?" I always felt lacking in some way. Yoga taught me to see the Lie of Lack and know the truth of completeness. I am a Divine being, whole and complete - lacking in nothing. I still regress to the old thinking, but I catch myself and gently ask why. Asking why is a good way to tune in. Is this belief serving me? Is it true? I read The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

Know the Big 3 Lies

1. The Lie of Lack - Not being or having enough
2. The Lie that More is Better - As Americans, we're conditioned to want more but having more is not making us happy. It's in fact bad for us and the environment.

3. The Lie that It's Just the Way It Is - B.S! This justifies complacency, cynicism, inaction, helplessness, hopelessness, resignation, etc.

As an individual, we are taught to be independent when in fact we are all interdependent. Take a closer look at your life. Do you grow your own food? Do you make your own clothes? We are dependent on each other in so many ways yet we are conditioned to believe that asking for help is a weakness. B.S! We all need to help one another, we all need support.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Calendar of Events

6/3 Shrinking Shores 9 am North of Annenberg Community Beach House Lifeguard Tower 2

6/3 Spring Thyme Kids Cooking Classes Ages 6-11. Space is limited. RSVP to Leticia Chihuahua at lchihuahua@

6/4 Fallen Fruit Sweet & Sour! Let’s make fruit soda & pickles at Stoneview Nature Center 1-4 pm.
5950 Stoneview Dr., Culver City CA 90282

June 8: Acupuncture – Benefits and care of acupuncture (complimentary) Global Wellness Day GWD

Saturday, June 10th – Yoga for a Cause at Concert Park, 9am – 10am Concert Park, Playa Vista
  • June 10 Yoga @ 8:30 am Global Wellness Day
  • 6/11: Yoga – Benefits of yoga (complimentary)
  • June 12: Jukai Juice – Benefits of Juicing (complimentary)
6/17 Mass Meditation Initiative 10 am free

Organizers expect over 3000 people to meditate simultaneously at the event and globally through a live stream at

Dog lovers and owners bonus - $20 credit towards your first dog walk or petting sitting

6/18 International Yoga Day

6/24 Athleta Summer Solstice Free Acro Yoga in the Park 10 am - 2 pm.

6/25 International Yoga Day FREE Outdoor Class 4-6 pm @ Burton Chase Park in Marina Del Rey
6/25 Main Street Summer Soulstice 11 am Main Street Santa Monica (Beauty & Wellness on Pier Ave, Tech Expo on Strand St)

6/27  ClimateDay L.A. 12 pm to 10:30 pm Downtown L.A.

6/30 Speakers Summit @ Golden Nugget, Las Vegas (by invitation only)

More fun events at