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Friday, February 17, 2017

Adoption Weekend

It’s National Adoption Weekend February 17-19

50% off pet adoption fees at the Everyday Adoption Center  by spcaLA only.  Adopters must meet   spcaLA adoption requirements.

Fee includes:
  • Spay/neuter surgery (dogs, cats, & rabbits)
  • Pain management medication (rabbits only)
  • Species-appropriate current vaccinations and microchip (registration not included)
  • Health examination by spcaLA medical staff
  • Certificate for free health examination by participating VCA Animal Hospital
  • No enrollment fee for Trupanion pet insurance**
  • spcaLA branded collar*
  • spcaLA branded leash (dogs only)*
  • One year free membership to Activ4Pets (digital veterinary records access)

I love my dog Sparky - I adopted her 5 years ago. She's my lap warmer and exercise buddy. She's so sweet. Studies show that dog owners are healthier than non-owners. They walk more. I've walked more since I got Sparky. So, think about adopting a dog. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5 Love Languages

Dr. Gary Chapman’s book list 5 ways to express love

1.       Verbal  affirmation

2.       Quality time

3.        Gifts

4.       Acts of service

5.       Physical touch

This Valentine’s Day, determine the main way you express love and do more of it. Then try to show your love in other ways.  

I took an Acro-yoga class where the teachers emphasized good communication and trusting the partner to accomplish each pose. It was a great way to practice the verbal love language by saying “good job”, “you’ve got it”, etc. The whole class was based on physical touch.  It was challenging and fun. If you haven’t tried acro-yoga, do so.  

Friday, February 10, 2017

Collaborate to Build Health

By strengthening partnerships between local nonprofit organizations, hospitals and health systems, and local health departments, we are able to improve community health and well-being. I am partnering with Youth Yoga to create a BUILD Health community. Join us to make L.A a healthier city.

I am passionate about health & fitness. I believe that diet and exercise is important. Let's partner with other like minded people to make fitness classes accessible to all.