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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Healing Hands, Healthy Mind

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For health concerns, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can offer benefits for patients that suffer from cancer and other diseases. Relieving stress may allow your body to use more things to heal because the stress and tension factors are lessened. The emotional freedom technique offers seminars and books for training yourself. The technique uses desensitization techniques with acupuncture tapping to relieve stress that is associated with a particular event. A scale of measurement is used for expressing the degree of emotional pain for the client—and while discussing a specific issue, probing questions are asked by the administrator. After more probing questions and tapping of acupressure points, the client is asked to assign a number for their emotional pain that is created when discussing and remembering this incident. Then, using the process could enable a client to express their emotional pain with a lower number, which indicates that they have less pain, with remembering the event.

The concept can be better understood by comparing how you might feel about an unpleasant event in your life. For example, you remember that you were standing on a football field, and eating a hamburger with a cherry drink, when the coach told you that a new player was going to replace you. Then you might experience anxiety and a sense of losing again, when you next eat a hamburger with a cherry drink. Remembering the event with the coach could bring back the emotional pain of losing that you may associate with the taste of the hamburger and the cherry drink. The EFT would try to help you to lower your emotional response to hamburgers and cherry drinks. If you considered your emotional pain to be at a level 8, then perhaps the technique could help you to reduce that number. "Your body is more powerful than
you can imagine…filled with life, energy, and a compelling ability for self-healing. With EFT, you can take control of that power." (Source:

Cancer patients want to help fight their disease by keeping their bodies healthy.
Mesothelioma is a frightening aggressive cancer with a low rate of cure for the patients. The mesothelioma life expectancy is about 4 to 18 months. Patients that are fighting this cancer may have extreme emotional anxiety because of the mesothelioma prognosis. The events will not change because they use the Emotional Freedom Technique. But the patient may be able to free themselves from the control of stress to their bodies while they try to fight the cancer, or any illness. And having less stress may help the patient to allow more of their disease fighting abilities to attack cancer. Being able to talk about an issue, and to try to control an emotional response with EFT, may help a patient to concentrate on other things without an all consuming fear, or a blinding rage. Contributed by Melanie Bowen. Bio: Melanie is an advocate for natural health and cancer cure initiatives. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English with a specialty in Psychology and Medical Research, she highlights the great benefits of different nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those with illnesses in her efforts to spread awareness. 

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