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Friday, August 19, 2016

3 Healthy Meals

Breakfast - the most important meal
Lunch - 1/2 plate of salad & healthy burrito
I have been making smoothies and green  bowls.
This one is easy to make

1 cup of Almond or Coconut milk
1/2 ripe avocado, cut into chunks
1/2 cup of Greek yogurt
1 scoop of Amazing Grass green powder

Blend above in blender until smooth

1/2 banana, cut into slices
1 tsp of chia seeds 
Optional coconut flakes


Dinner - sushi  
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Healthy Habit

Yoga is my healthy habit because it reminds me to be present, to breathe deeply and connect to my true self. Before I found yoga, I worked out at the gym 3-5 days a week. I got tired of the crowd, the loud music and the monthly fees. I tried different classes, but never felt like I fitted in. Yoga is a practice that resonates with me because it teaches acceptance and non-judgement. It allows me to go inside and be in touch with the peace that is in my true self. In this increasingly hectic and stressful world, we are expected to compete, to do more and have more. Yoga allows us to slow down, to just be.  Studies show that stress is linked to many health problems.  Research shows that stressed-out, type A people have a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Sudden emotional stress can be a trigger for serious cardiac problems, including heart attacks. Stress can worsen asthma. Studies show that people with high stress store fat in their bellies and that pose greater health risks than fat in the legs or hips.

Stress can worsen diabetes in two ways – increasing bad behaviors like over-eating and excessive drinking. Stress is the most common cause of headaches including migraines. Stress can also make you age faster. So yoga is the anti-aging, anti-illness practice that works for almost everyone. There are yoga classes for kids, for pregnant women, for seniors, etc.  You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. I wasn’t balanced or flexible when I started my practice. I tended to trip and fall, spraining or twisting my ankle several times. I couldn’t bend over and touch my fingers to my toes. I was also uncoordinated. I felt like the worst student, but I kept on going back. I am so thankful to all my yoga teachers because they all encouraged me to focus on my breath, not to compare myself with others. To honor my body and its limitations, to go to the edge (some discomfort is okay, but not pain). I know yoga is my lifetime habit because I feel complete when I practice. If you have never tried yoga before, I encourage you to start now. It’s never too late. 

September has been recognized as National Yoga Month by the US Department of Health and Human Services since 2008. This national observance and awareness campaign is designed to educate about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The campaign consists of free yoga classes, concerts and other special events, to encourage people to practice yoga.

Get engaged - we are creating this inspirational awareness campaign together:
  1. Yoga Studios | Update/add your studio
  2. Yoga Teachers | Add your profile
  3. Passionate Yogis | Volunteer as an Ambassador

Help us inspire the Nation and people around the world to start practicing yoga, to deepen their existing yoga practice and to live a healthy and aware lifestyle.

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Source:  WebMD

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Gold Medal - Team U.S.A

U.S women win the Gold medal in gymnastics team final! Can't wait to see them compete. I've got the Olympics spirit and so does my dog. We've cheered on Katie Ledecky,who started swimming when she was 6 years old. I started much earlier as a toddler. My mom said I took to the water like a seal. My sisters and I were part of the swimming team and competed in races for a decade. We trained with Captain Wright at Hong Kong Country Club before joining our high school swimming team. I swam Backstroke and Individual Medley (I.M), I was also part of the I.M relay team. I remember how excited and nervous I felt just before the races. As I watched Katie and Ryan Murphy win the Gold, I felt the same thrill. I look forward to more swimming.

I also love gymnastics because we have a great team. Simone Biles and Aly Raisman are my favorites. They are amazing athletes and competitors. I can't imagine all the hard work that they went through to be at their level. Being the best in their field means lots of practice and sacrifice. Talent will only go so far. I know from experience as a competitive swimmer that it isn't easy at all and you can't slack off. So, yes I am cheering for Team U.S.A. 

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Enter to Win a $50 Card

Yoga & Healthy Food

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Anti-Stress Smoothie
2 cups of chia gel* (3 Tbsp. chia seeds + 2 cups water)
1/2 avocado
2 bananas (fresh or frozen)
2 Tbsp. cacao powder
additional water as needed to reach desired consistency
Optional Toppings
  1. Make chia gel: Pour two cups of filtered water into a jar, add in 3 tablespoons of chia seeds, and stir well. Let sit for at least 10 minutes. (Use this time to go on with your morning routine!)
  2. When ready, pour chia gel and all remaining smoothie ingredients into your blender, and blend on high until smooth. The avocado and chia gives it a thick consistency (perfect to turn into a smoothie bowl). If you prefer a thinner consistency, simply add more water or ice.
  3. Top with cacao nibs and sliced almonds, if you desire.