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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eating for a Healthy Mind + Body

My Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Yogurt Parfait - I mix a bit of Lifeway Strawberry Kefir with Trader Joe's plain low-fat yogurt, put some Quaker Low-Fat Natural Granola and a few slices of strawberries on top to make a healthy breakfast.  That way, I get whole grain (good carbs), calcium, probiotic, protein, fiber and feel satisfied. What we eat and how we eat has a great effect on our sense of well-being. "We are what we eat." It doesn't take any more time to eat healthy than junk foods; it's just a matter of making healthy choices. Make the change in your diet gradually so it's possible to train the body to like healthier foods instead of junk. If you try to make too many drastic changes in a short time, your body may simply rebel. It's easier to change one meal or food group at a time. 

Over the years, Ilse Klipper (the author of Coming Into Harmony) has made many changes in her own diet like eliminating refined sugar, coffee, soda, meat and processed foods. Now, we both enjoy fresh  fruits and veggies, eating healthy snacks and drinking herbal teas. As we have learned to follow a healthier diet, we notice that our bodies are becoming healthier and stronger. Each week, I will follow her exercises/ guidelines for a happy mind-body relationship and share with you what I've learned. Today, I'm reminded by the book that everything is in perfect order, just as our lives have been perfectly designed to work according to their own plan. The shift in focus from external to internal is a major turning point in the way we experience reality. We're conditioned to look outside for happiness (to pursue it) so it's hard to change. Meditate, turn within to cultivate a positive outlook - be in touch with the happiness, peace and harmony that is inside us. Observing the mind, converting negative thoughts into positive ones isn't easy but this is a powerful practice. Karma = the law of cause + effect. We reap what we've sown. Sooner or later, everything balances out. Do we have a + or - balance?

Instead of focusing on what's happening around us, we can consider the larger purpose behind the scenes. Understanding perfect balance can lessen our fears about the turmoil in this world. Then we can use our higher understanding to do good, to share our love and compassion by helping others as well as ourselves. If you have a bad situation like chronic pain, long-term unemployment or a serious illness, you could either lie in bed or sit at home feeling depressed or you could face your reality with a positive attitude and examine how to improve your condition. With a positive attitude, you might be able to use your thoughts to speed your healing or recovery. Even if the illness is terminal, you could still face each day with hope and love rather than fear because your higher self/ spirit is indestructible and eternal. Affirmative Actions + A Positive Attitude = Power to Change Direction + Better Quality of Life.

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