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Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Recap

Went to a free Rich Dad Stock Workshop, got some good info about investing & a free DVD worth $19.95. They talked about Cash Flow (passive income), how to get out of the Rat Race, be with like-minded people & take action. The biggest obstacle between you and what you want is you. Education is key to success. Whether you wish to be healthier or wealthier, knowledge is power. I hope to share what I know and have learned about health/ fitness with everyone.  
Fast Fri @ Cafe Rivva

Guess where I was for an hour before I went to yoga class?  Visited a new health/ beauty store and a cool ice cream shop in a friendly, fun neighborhood. Took photos and posted them on Flickr. Got home around 4:30 pm, walked my dog Sparky, ate a light dinner & went to Fast Friday at Cafe Rivva that benefits Global Fast, Hungry for Change Clean Water initiative. One day each month, they fast and give to benefit an awesome new charity project. Left some flyers about my yoga classes, gave some to people when I passed by them. Hope to get a good turnout for tomorrow + Sunday's Laughter & Yoga.

Fit Twist, Yoga with a Twist

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