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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smile & Laugh

Laughter & Yoga
* Smile & Laugh (Experts say that even the gesture of smiling and curving your mouth up can shift your mood.)
* Move (Get some exercise to release serotonin.)
* Write (Journaling or any writing exercise provides serenity and inner calm that carries you throughout the day. Try blogging.)
* Sing (Preferably at the top of your lungs!) I make up songs to sing to my dog Sparky.
* Listen (Get out of your head and yourself by actively listening to others.) I find out interesting things about others like Valerie and Martha.
* Dance & Yoga (Fit-Twist Yoga & Dance = proven antidepressant. Studies show yoga & dance boosts happiness and benefits overall health.)
* Create (Research has shown that being creative improves our mood, self esteem and socialization.) I just created my Dream Book.
* Rest (We often don’t get enough of it. Optimal sleeping conditions include dark, cool, and silent.)
* Drink water (Hydrate regularly throughout the day.) I love coconut water!
* Breathe deeply (This is calming, improves the detoxification, relieves anxiety, lowers blood pressure and has many more emotional and physical benefits.) In yoga, we breathe deeply & slowly.
* Be still (Meditation can be the best option when you want to change your mood. Slowing down even for a few minutes calms your mind and invites in peace.) Altered from Source:

8/30 Mini Pool Party & Fashion Show at my place 11 am-1 pm. 11928 Kiowa Ave, L.A. 90049. RSVP for details.
8/31 Brentwood Women's Lunch at the Daily Grill, 11677 San Vicente Blvd # 200, L.A. 90049. Free to attend, pay for cost of food. 1:00-2:30 pm (hosted by Ingrid)
8/31 LAWS Latin Jazz night at Tavern, 11648 San Vicente Blvd 90049. Join us in the BAR. 6-8 pm.
9/1 Celebrate Yoga Month AM Yoga (Ingrid, CPY-MT)
9/1 Heart Link Networking 11 am-2 pm, 456 25th St, SM 90402

9/1 Yogawoman Premiers at 7:00pm, Laemmle’s Monica 4-plex. 1332 2nd Street, Santa Monica 90401(Benefits

9/7 Networking 6-8 pm @ Bodega Bar, 814 Broadway (Lincoln), SM 90401
9/8 Sunrider Pamper, Indulge & Delight event 6-8 pm at 1625 Abalone Ave, Torrance 90501. Contact Sandra Diaz for details or to RSVP (tell her Ingrid referred you).
9/10 Salutation Nation @ Brentwood Recreation Center 9 am
9/12 Town Hall meeting with Mayor Villaraigosa at the Felicia Mahood Center 6:30 pm
9/13 Green Biz Networking at Working Village, 212 Marine Street, Suite 100, Santa Monica, CA 90405 6-9:30pm

Ingrid Cheng, Founder of Fit-Twist

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