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Friday, August 12, 2011

Buy Local and Support Our Economy

Mix 3 together & take with supplements

I have a healthy drink every morning. Mix Pom with water (1/2 ea), pour in 1 pack of Fortune Delight and 1 scoop of Amazing Grass ORAC. Then I take Reserveage supplements with this drink every morning. Kashi bars are my on-the-go snacks. Bought from local businesses all week and met some nice people. I took photos and want to share them with you. First, do you bring your own bag to shop at stores? I try to remember to bring mine, but sometimes forget it. I've put a few reusable bags in my car so I will BMOB and I hope you'll BYOB too. Went to visit Sandra Diaz at Sunrider in Torrance. Their headquarters are beautiful, clean and big. There is an Art Gallery, a Chinese Garden and a Spa. Would love to teach yoga there and talked to the staff about my Corporate Wellness Program.

Walked around my neighborhood yesterday to pass out copies of my blog. Got a tasty cinnamon roll at a cafe and a Relax tincture at a small store front. Invited the girl there to Laughter & Yoga class on Sundays 6-7 pm in Venice. She was interested and thanked me. Then I went to Main Street, Santa Monica to meet Jesse Richardson at Organic Soul. Found out more about their business model and really liked it. He told me about their new Daily Offers and business directory. I informed him about my blog, my events and goals. Jesse said that he will help promote my health blog and yoga classes. Also bought from local merchants like The Green Life (love the Lunchbots Eco food box) and Buffalo Exchange.

Good karma all week. Found a smart phone on the street, called the 1st contact and was asked to return it to the Susie Cakes store nearby. Decided to walk with my dog Sparky there and gave the phone back to the nice woman who worked there. Got a free delicious personal peach pie as a reward for my good deed. Will definitely go back to get a treat next week. Look at my Flick photos and guess where I was. Don't cheat by naming the places that have signs (if you get 2 spots correct, you win a prize). Contest ends on 8/20/11.

Ingrid Cheng
Fit-Twist Yoga
Corporate Wellness Program 
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