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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love the Principle of YES

We are Youthful, Energetic and (Sexy) = accronym for the word “YES.”  "Age is not a factor here, but attitude and actions certainly are. Do you give off the impression that you’re always worn-out, tired, broken down, bored, or boring? We have all heard the saying that, “Age is just a number,” but getting to “YES” is more than just going out or dressing younger. Being youthful means staying active (both physically + mentally), and it means being positive."

"How much energy do you have each day? Now think for a moment how your energy (or lack thereof) effects the people around you. I’ll bet you get told “no” a lot and it’s not necessarily that you have bad ideas. It could be your lack of energy preventing you from getting to “YES.” People who are full of energy are more attractive to others" like my friend Kim Selbert, Laughter Yoga Leader. I love her energy and enthusiasm as a person and a teacher. So, follow the advice of

  • Change your frame of mind and BE EXCITED about work. Even if you’re in the middle of a particularly difficult project, find SOMETHING, no matter how small, that you can be excited about, even if it’s just getting the project done.
  • Laugh! It’s so simple and it may seem a bit silly but laughter really IS the best medicine – for pretty much anything. Laughing more helps you be more youthful while increasing your own energy and that of others.
  • Get Enough Sleep and Exercise Regularly. It’s nearly impossible to be youthful and energetic without appropriate rest and fitness.
And remember, a positive, optimistic attitude, attracts positive people and business into your life.

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Health = Wealth

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