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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Life is Sweet

I saw a whale off Santa Monica Pier on Saturday while I was doing yoga. It was a warm, beautiful day to be outdoors.
There were about 100 of us gathered together to be one with yoga. I love yoga because it's all inclusive. Anyone can do it. I found yoga in 2004 and I wasn't a "good student". I was not flexible or coordinated. Normally, I'd be discouraged and give up easily, but yoga kept bringing me back to the mat. I learned to be patient and present. I learned to go out of my comfort zone, to stay in discomfort and just breathe. I became more balanced, coordinated and mindful. Yoga changed my life and now I'm writing a book to help others be healthy inside-out.

Sparky - The Fit Fun Dog

I love to do yoga with Sparky. She is my exercise buddy. It's the Year of the Dog & we wore red to celebrate. I'm so grateful for the yoga community. Most exercises address just our physical state, but yoga is a mind-body-spirit practice. We all have pain and problems, but yoga helped me let go of the junk that cluttered up my mind so I can create a healthier, happier life. I have a sweet tooth and used to be a junk food/ sugar addict. Now, I love to make healthy desserts with no added sugar that taste great and satisfy me.

Inspired by my Farmers Market walk, I made lemon oatmeal granola bites with @CascadianFarm aLemon Blueberry Granola and @Neocell collagen on Sunday.

I made a strawberry smoothie bowl for @TraderJoes #MatchMadeAtTJsContest and hope that I win! I blended half a banana with the extra strawberry smoothie, made a granola crust and created another healthy treat to celebrate the last day of my 12-Day Self-Love Challenge that started on Friday 2/3. I love food and don't believe in strict diet or exercise regimes. Been there, done that before. I've been fat and thin but never happy. Yoga helped me be grateful, present and mindful about what I consume. Before I eat or buy anything, I ask if doing so will really fulfill my needs.

Ingrid Cheng

Friday, February 16, 2018

Health and Happiness

I went on a date with Sparky and had fun on Valentine's Day. I focused on self-love for 12 days. On Friday 2/2 (Go Red for Women Day), I interviewed Nina Nam, author of "Transformation Champ". On Saturday (2/3), I talked to Chloe Lukasiak, who dedicated her book "Girl on Pointe" to anyone who was ever told that they weren't good enough. Last Sunday, I posted my Gifts of Love (Valentine's Day Gift Guide). I celebrated love in all its forms and went shopping to celebrate Chinese New Year at 99 Ranch Market.

I made a healthy red mocktail in honor #HeartHealth and @GoRedForWomen. I learned that Forever Fierce Day is on 2/19. I am submitting my Forever Fierce Signature Mocktail recipe today. 

Ingrid Cheng

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Gifts of Love

Love is in the Air

Instead of the same old flowers and chocolates, give the gift of health and happiness this Valentine's Day, Here is my list of gifts to consider:

1. A membership to the Westside YMCA

2. Adopt a pet. I love Sparky, a cutie and love bug that I adopted from the West L.A. Animal Shelter 6 years ago. I can't imagine my life without her. Studies have shown that dog owners are healthier cause they walk more. Pets also give you unconditional love.

3. Get "The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons From the World's Happiest People" by Dan Buettner. I've been telling people about the "Blue Zones" books and am surprised that not many have heard about these great books. Did you know that California has 2 Blue Zones (@bluezones)? The Beach Cities Health District and Loma Linda are good examples of how communities can support a healthy lifestyle. I want to create a Blue Zone of Health and Happiness in my community.

4. Give Thrive foods. I joined this business because I love to cook and eat healthy. I made noodles for my Celebrate Chinese New Year event at the library. Thrive Life

5. Become a Sierra Club member. Explore, enjoy and protect the planet. Founded by John Muir in 1892 (125 years ago), it is a grassroots organization with three million members and supporters, including myself. I joined Sierra Club in 1997 (more than 20 years ago) because I love nature and hiking. I believe that as a group, we can do great things, like move away from fossil fuel to clean energy..

P.S. I signed up for my first Tough Mudder to raise money for Sierra Club. Donate at:

Ingrid Cheng
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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

12-Day Self-Love Challenge

I created a Vision Board in April last year. In June, I quit my dead-end job and began to focus on my passion: Health and Wellness. It has not been easy because I was conditioned to work hard and holding onto my limiting relationship with money. I started to write my book and interview like-minded authors as well as people who benefit from yoga during August/ September. My mission is to help people be healthy inside-out. I was good at helping people, but I was making less money than my last J-O-B. I wanted to make being healthy easy and affordable for everyone so I charged low fees and sometimes offer free classes. I didn't value my services and no one else did either. Even though I was trained to teach Law of Attraction, I wasn't practicing it consistently myself. I went through more training and finally had a breakthrough in October. I started having multiple streams of income and passive income. I no longer depended on others, but let my money work for me. I continued to interview authors and coaches because I want to impact more people with my book. It's also part of a marketing strategy that my publisher taught me: finding joint-venture partners for opportunities to cross--promote each others books. Even though I'm just halfway through my book, I am planning an Authors Speakers Panel so that when my book launches in Summer, I will have leveraged a bigger platform. I am embracing the challenge because it's a win-win strategy.
I met Wisith at a networking event last Thursday and we connected right away because we're both Asians and passionate about helping people be healthy. He shared his story with me and I told him about my Self-Love Challenge. Wisith agreed to the interview and here is what he told me:

1. As an immigrant, he was taught to study and work hard
2. He worked 60 hours a week and was stressed out
3. The stress caused a "frozen shoulder" that kept him on sick-leave for months
4. His doctor was no help beyond prescribing some pills to him
5. He decided to take charge of his own health
6. Wisith joined Amare Global, a company that his friend, Hiep Tran founded
7. Hiep was a successful entrepreneur who suffered from anxiety, stress and depression
8. Mr. Tran's doctor gave him anti-depressants with many bad side-effects
9. Hiep got sick of being sick and sought alternative natural remedies
10. Mr. Tran launched Amare Global in Fall of 2017 and partnered with others like Wisith who want to be healthy
Contact Wisith here

Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year! May Health, Wealth and Happiness be with you now and always. 

P.S. I signed up for my first Tough Mudder to raise $ for Sierra Club. Donate at:

I also have an e-book "Wealthy Inside-Out" planned for 2019

Ingrid Cheng

Monday, February 5, 2018

Love Is In The Air


12-Day Self-Love Challenge

I met Nina on FB and in person later on at The Fit Expo on January 6th. I love her positive energy and inspirational story of transformation! Nina shared her own struggle with binge-eating and bullies. She wanted a career in acting, but didn't get anywhere. She went from one dead-end job to another while she pursued acting. Nina used to be bullied and fought back in Middle School by dropping F-bombs, but channeled her anger into more positive things like her journey to become Champion. Check out her book at

I met Chloe on IG @chloelukasiak and in person at Santa Monica Main Library 2 days ago . I want to share her message about bullying. Did you know that 49% of kids in grades 4-12 reported being bullied? I am sure there are more of them who didn't say anything. Do and say something about bullying. I also love Chloe's book, especially her chapters about sticking to your dreams and self-acceptance. I did her Chinese Horoscope. 2001 Year of the Snake: Wise and intense with extra-strong willpower and the gift of spotting opportunities that will help her achieve her dreams. @santamonicalibr

Do you know your Chinese Horoscope? Join

Ingrid Cheng

Monday, January 29, 2018

Food and Travel

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I visited my sister and her family in Singapore during Chinese New Year from January to February last year. As always I tagged on a trip to another country near there and decided on Vietnam. Since my sister has been there before, she told me to apply for a Visa online and to get the needed vaccines before my trip. I thought Vietnam would be very "third-world" because it's a communist country but the resort we stayed in was great, Da Nang was our landing place. From there, we went to Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary. I had some great meals and one of them was at Mango Mango, Chef Tran Duc makes traditional Vietnamese food contemporary while keeping its authentic flavors. You can find my reviews on

I traveled back to Vietnam yesterday when I tasted the vegan Spring Roll at Good Morning Vietnam, because food can bring back vivid memories. I love the Mar Vista Farmers Market

I found some new favorites like Coco Rico Yogurt. Creamy, tangy and delicious!

I also like the Zucchini Dip at Wildly Fermented.

I love Drink La Vie Probiotic Tasting Bar! Most of their healthy drinks are $9 each. @drinklavie

My friend doesn't believe that I am a Foodie cause I eat healthy. My other friends say that I am a healthy foodie. I agree. You can love food and eat a balanced healthy diet!

Ingrid Cheng

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Few of My Favorites

I love the Law of Attraction because it continues to bring good things to me like healthy snacks and GimMe Seaweed snacks are one of my favorites.

I also love Thrive freeze-dried fruits. I put some in zippy bags to snack on-the-go.

I like Oxylent because it boosts immunity, tastes great and kept me healthy during the holidays. I drink it every morning.

I also like Neocell super collagen powder. I mix it with Golden Milk, protein drink or bake with it. Did you know that it's good for hair, skin, nails, joints and bones? I use it every day.

I received a free product from Maple Holistics for an honest review and I have been using their Tea Tree shampoo once a week. I noticed that my scalp is less oily after I washed my hair with their shampoo. Get free sample at

I got free topiary balls from Hedgescapes in return for a review and I love creating themed designs for my family. I gave some to my mom who enjoys plants and home decorating. She made a beautiful centerpiece and everyone who saw it asked if it was real! I made this cat one for my sister who has 3 cats.

Ingrid Cheng