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Monday, October 16, 2017

Celebrate Food Day and More

In honor of World Food Day, Feeding America released an extended PSA that reminds us about the real face of hunger. On October 7th, I joined the Fit Foodie Run to raise funds for this cause that's close to my heart. I am also selling items on and donating 10% to #NoKidHungry. "While 41 million Americans don’t get enough to eat, 72 billion pounds of safe food" go to waste. That's why I support Food Day L.A. "Growing food is a human right" and community gardens are part of the solution. Let's work together to end hunger by making food healthy, fair, affordable, accessible and sustainable. Check out their Food Recovery Guide and join Food Day on 10/24.

It's cold and flu season. To prevent from catching a cold or flu

1. Wash your hands before eating
2. Use hand santizer if you need to
3. Drink lots of fluids
4. Get enough sleep
5. Keep from overdoing it (stressing out)
6. Take vitamin C and zinc at the first sign of cold
7. If you feel sick, take a day off work to rest
8. Get a flu shot if you live or work with kids or seniors

Ingrid Cheng
Author of The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga 
Mission: Empowering women to be healthy inside-out
Vision: Creating a kinder, more loving world through yoga and my book

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Health is a Resource

I started training for my 5K two weeks before the Fit Foodie Festival #FitFoodieRun, I like to walk with my dog Sparky and when I found out that it's a dog-friendly event, I was counting down the days to October 7th. I even wrote down my goal to promote it to the #SweatPink community. I love Fit Approach because I got to connect with other women who share my passion for fitness. I joined them at the IDEA Blogfest more than a year ago, but it seemed like I've been part of them forever. I love IDEA Fitness Expo & Blogfest where I got to meet Jillian Michaels my role model and learn how she became a celebrity fitness trainer.

I posted a blog about my fitness favorites a few months ago and shared my love of her "No More Trouble Zones" DVD. I like to vary my exercise routine to keep it fun. I practice yoga 3-5 times a week and do Cardio Strength training to tone up problem areas. I believe that as a 40+ year-old, I'm healthier now than ever before thanks to my healthy lifestyle. Yoga changed my life. I was a shy bookworm who'd rather stay home and read a book. If I haven't learned to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone, I'd still be home reading a book and not living life to the fullest. There's nothing wrong about loving to read, but it's a solitary experience. Humans are social animals and as an introvert, I never felt like I fit in. I didn't have many friends, I was content with my books. 
I still like to read and some of my favorite books that I've read this year are:

1. The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist
2. The Power of Partnerships: Seven Relationships that Will Change Your Life by Rianne Eisler
3. The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon. I posted a blog about his D.U.M.B goals in August
4. When Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller
5. One Simple Idea by Stephen Key the guru of renting ideas for passive income

I am a lifelong learner because I have a curious mind. I like to experience new things and meet new people. Yet, I have social anxiety. It's like I have split personality. I've learned to love and accept myself through yoga. That's why I am writing The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga. I believe that as long as we are learning and growing, we will have more life in our years. I'm so glad to be able to interview women like Karin Kiser, Hillary Bitar @silverstorm777 and Janet Earling-Bencivenni @grandma2glamma for my upcoming book!

Free gift: 12-day Mindfulness Practice
$50 off! Sale ends on October 15th. Healthy Inside-Out Group program. RSVP
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Ingrid Cheng
Author, Blogger, Health Coach

Monday, October 2, 2017

Create Win-Win

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I am excited to be part of Bridging the Gap and in my hurry I thought that Cheryl Hunter was my new partner, but found out that Daisy Teh is my actual partner. Daisy is a Filipina-American entrepreneur and I like her beauty/ style advice for moms at The It Mom.  She went through a "roller coaster" of life between ages of 18-25. As a divorced teen mom, she was a "hot mess", she focused on providing for her kids and let herself go. Both of us are Asian-Americans and though I am not a mom, I can relate to women with children because I used to be a 3rd grade teacher. The biggest challenge that Daisy faced as a mom of four kids was the ability to take care of herself because who has the time? She certainly didn't nor did she have anyone to show her how. Daisy found "everything" in magazines or through social networks, but it was hard to find. She wanted to "cut to the chase" and back up the information with "real people who experienced it themselves". Daisy launched her blog to help moms "easily look good" in every day life. Check out her site:
I know from my own experience as a teacher that educators feel the same way. I used to put my students first and myself last. I got sick a lot due to lack of sleep and stress. One winter, I got bronchitis and had to take sick leave. I lost a lot of weight, I looked and felt terrible. During my illness, I had time to ask myself if teaching was what I really wanted to do. I realized that it didn't fulfill my creative spirit. I read lots of books about health and wellness in an effort to help myself get better. I was sick of being sick and dedicated myself to be healthy. I quit teaching and began my journey into yoga. I was not a good yoga student. I was not flexible or coordinated. I was a mess, but yoga drew me back to the mat again and again. Each time, I gain more balance, flexibility and competence. I am so grateful for all the doors that yoga opened in my life. That's why I am writing The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga.

I love Cheryl's story. She is an author, coach and resilience expert. I love her TEDx Talk about growing up in a horse ranch in the middle of nowhere. She loved it, but she had to get out to experience culture, to meet people. The city was calling her name. Cheryl hopped on a mini bike and rode to Colorado City, got a fashion magazine and realized she wanted to be a model. She got a friend to fly to Europe with her, but no sooner did she get to France when a guy with a camera asked her if she wanted to be a model. Her friend said no way, but she ditched her and went with the guy. Cheryl's story of being drugged, raped, "ruined" did not keep her from becoming a model. I am following her @huntercheryl and learning more about her at

I stepped way out of my comfort zone to attend a crowdfunding workshop. I learned a lot and connected to dreamers: Terri Hardin, Disney Imagineer and Andy Erikson, comedian, writer and unicorn. I realized that we are a rare breed. The world needs people like us who create and dream. Yoga and coaching changed my life. I'm doing what I love and living my dream every day. Celebrate good food at My dream is to "be the change I wish to see in the world". What's your dream?

10/17 Launch of 
10/24 Food Day L.A.
Global Oneness Day

Ingrid Cheng
Author and Health Coach
Mission: Empower women to be healthy inside-out
Vision: Create a kinder, more loving world

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fierce Fifty Revolution

My Dream

What I learned in the last few days made me realize that we are all more capable than we think.
I started training for my 5K run/ walk on Monday 9/25 by walking faster for 30 minutes after practicing yoga. Usually, I like to go on a leisurely Zen walk after yoga. But since my 5K event is less than 2 weeks away, I committed to my training and felt a sense of accomplishment even though my calves were sore afterwards. I did some gentle yoga stretches and soaked in a hot bath with Epsom salt. I added a few drops of lavender essential oil to help me relax. I continued to train every day this week and just finished a 2-mile walk in less time than I'd expected.

I just interviewed Janet Earling-Bencivenni, a 50+ lifestyle/ fashion blogger @grandma2glamma and I'm voting her as Grandmother of the Year because she takes care of her 4 grandkids during the day while her kids are at work. She started three and a half years ago when she joined a gym that offers yoga classes. At first, she thought that she needed to be athletic or a super bendy person to do yoga, but she had a good teacher who welcomed and accommodated newcomers so she didn't feel intimidated. "Yoga helps with my running. I also like to power lift. I don't see myself ever giving up yoga and am going to a yoga teaching training course" Janet said. After practicing yoga for more than a year, she noticed a big improvement in her balance, flexibility and coordination. She also gained strength and body appreciation/ awareness. Janet runs marathons because of the challenge and extreme sense of accomplishment she gets. "My daughter and daughter-in-law started running together and got me to join them on half-marathons and marathons. I don't like to run so I only run one day a week. I like yoga and strength training. I get a big emotional high from marathons that prove I could do it. When I was young, I was not allowed to participate in sports, so I guess I'm making up for it now." Janet loves yoga for giving her time to stretch and practice self-care; it helps with her running. "If I miss practicing yoga for any length of time, I'm not a happy person. It's very good for mental and spiritual wellness." She has a full-time job taking care of her four grandkids. That's why she needs yoga to help her keep calm. She has a friend who teaches yoga to seniors and shared that 50+ women love yoga because they find out how much they can do with their bodies. She knew about the benefits of yoga, but after experiencing them (how yoga helped her evolve), she is taking her practice to a new deeper level by training to be a yoga teacher. Janet also credits yoga for giving her the energy to run after her four grandkids.

I am so grateful to be part of Bridging The Gap (BTG) Campaign that pairs up Millennials with Influencers who are in their 40s and 50s. I blogged about Jessica Ganger, my partner in absence. I  but I haven't heard back yet. When I went to the Book Boot camp on August 11th (less than a month and a half ago), I wrote down my intention to publish a book. Then, I brainstormed ideas and came up with this book about yoga. Little did I know that it'd open so many doors for me. I got to talk to women like Karin Kiser author of Lighten Your Load, Hillary Bitar @silverstorm777 and Janet as part of market research for my book, The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga. I made new friends and feel so encouraged about the positive feedback and response. I will be 50 years old next year and I can't wait. BTG has a Meetup in Los Angeles on October 14th. Stay tuned here for details.

Ingrid Cheng
Author, Blogger and Health Coach

Mission: Empowering women to be healthy inside-out.
Vision: Creating a better and healthier world.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Are You Addicted to Certain Foods?

Prevention Magazine


I love this article "Transform Your Life With Yoga" by Ginny Graves because it lists 4 ways yoga helps you:

1. Eat more mindfully: It empowered me to break free of my junk food/ sugar addiction and eat a healthy mostly plant-based diet. Did you know that 97% of women and 68% of men have food cravings and the most common one is sugar? Research showed that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and links over-consumption of refined sugar to various diseases or issues like:

Heart disease
Weight gain
Premature aging
And more!

2. Gain self-control: I didn't think I had any will-power. I used to have a love hate relationship with food and my body. I loved food and hated my body. I would over-eat, gain weight, feel bad, go on a strict diet and exercise regime over and over again. Yoga helped me make healthier choices.

3. Reduce stress: I am healthier than I've ever been before thanks to yoga. "Research shows that women with abdominal fat who practiced yoga regularly for 12 weeks lost 1.5 inches in their waistline/ size even though none of the women changed their diet."

4. Gain self-compassion: I used to suffer from body shame. Now I love my body for what it can do and how well it works! "Regular yoga practitioners are less critical and more at peace with their bodies which makes them more likely to take good care of themselves."

Bonus from me: RSVP to 10/6 Full Moon Yoga Class now and save $5! Offer ends on 9/30.

Yoga changed my life. I am passionate about empowering women to be healthy inside-out. That's why I am writing The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga, to transform the way most people see yoga as just an exercise. It's so much more: a mind-body practice that allows us to get in touch with our Divine nature and be in union with our oneness. October 24th is Food Day L.A and Global Oneness Day. I believe food unites us as we all need food and

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Author 101


I am so grateful to my team. You know who you are. I am hosting a Full Moon Yoga and Healthy Food Workshop on Friday 10/6 at 7 pm. RSVP and save $5. Early-bird discount ends on 9/30.

I interviewed Karin Kiser the author of Lighten Your Load for Chapter 9: Create Space (in my book) because three of her simple tips fit in so well with how yoga empowers you to:

1. Breathe deeply - take conscious slow deep breaths
2. Move your body - the different poses of yoga have many benefits
3. Sweat - it's a great way to detox and yes you do work up a sweat in yoga

Karin advised us to take 2-3 slow deep breaths when we are stressed or anxious. Her favorite way to move is salsa dancing because it's fun, quick and easy. For those who don't like to sweat, Karin said that finding something you like to do that moves your body is the key. "Break it into chunks of 5 to 10 minutes of exercise. The main problem that many people have is that they don't drink enough water or don't move around enough. Skin brushing or sauna is a good way to sweat and relax" Karin wrote a book with 35 simple tips because most people don't have time to read or have short attention span. She doesn't want to overwhelm readers with too much information. "If people think it's too complicated, they don't even try. So, I made it simple and easy for people to de-stress," Karin said.

I agree with her a 100%. There are a lot of misconceptions about yoga. Many people think that it's too easy or too hard. Some think that you have to be flexible or like chanting to do yoga. That's why I am writing The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga to transform the way most people see yoga as just an exercise. It's so much more: a mind-body practice that connects us to our inner truth and allows us to drop in, reflect and ask deep questions about what is really important to us.  Yoga changed my life. I was a junk food/sugar addict. Now, I am passionate about health and wellness. I was a mess. Now, my mission is to empower women to be healthy inside-out. My vision is to use my book and coaching program to create a kinder, more loving world.

Karin has agreed to share her free gifts with you, my readers. Click here for free gifts!

I also interviewed Hillary Bitar, fashion blogger and lifestyle model. I love her signature silver mane and her fierce positive attitude! I am including her advice in Chapter 2: Balance @silverstorm777
"The myth that you have to be flexible to do yoga is false. The truth is that anyone can do yoga," she said. "There's something for everyone from Ashtanga (8-limbed) yoga to power yoga which is challenging. (For seniors and the disabled), there is chair yoga. So it's available to everyone."

Hillary's first experience with yoga was 10 years ago in Uruguay, a Latin American safe haven. She practiced Ashtanga yoga for its physical aspect (and benefits). When Hillary moved back to the States, she took Iyengar Yoga. She is a half yogi and half fitness enthusiast. "Yoga gives you a change to go inward, to focus on the mind-body connection. It helps you get in touch with what's working and what's not (in your own body)." Hillary has always been active, but got really dedicated to her health after her son was born. She takes group fitness classes or works out by herself. "The older you get, the more you realize how important it is to be active. It's about prevention. Balance fitness with healthy eating. Find anything you like that's active. Go on a walk, ride a bike, find an exercise buddy." Hillary likes group classes because she feeds off the energy of like-minded people and they keep her motivated. I love her advice and wisdom.

I will interview Janet Earling-Bencivenni this Friday 9/30. I love her post about practicing yoga as a form of self-care! @grandma2glamma

Ingrid Cheng
Author, blogger, health coach

P.S. Check out 5 Benefits of Healthy Habits

Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall Into Health

Health Circle

How time flies. Summer has ended and Fall is here. What have you done to reach your health goals? The holidays are coming and it's time to prepare for Thanksgiving (a day of gluttony for most people). Did you know that many women gain five to ten pounds during the winter holidays? Are you ready for all the food and temptation? Just five spots left. RSVP

 You will learn how to be mindful in your daily life after taking 3 classes and 3 weeks of group coaching. If you have children, Halloween is a time to be extra aware since many kids get too much candies and chocolates. This Halloween, re-think your treats and spread the word about the addictive harmful effects of too much sugar. A medical study showed that "sugar is 8X more addictive than cocaine (added to most of our packaged foods), yet it's legal." Give out stickers and sugarless treats. Ask your friends, family and neighbors to give non-food treats.

I used to be a junk food and sugar addict. Yoga and coaching helped me recover from a lifetime of bad habits. I am passionate about health and fitness. That's why I am writing The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga

I love Dr. Oz! Here are his 8 health tips:
1. Get enough sleep (7-8 hours). Practice yoga and meditation.

2. Happiness or a positive outlook 

3. Exercise (mind-body wellness)!

4. "As we age, the ability of our cells to renew decreases (that affects our energy & appearance). The best thing you can do is to eat a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and (protein)," Dr. Oz said in an article by

5. He also talked about the healing power of food.

6. Seniors are on multiple medications (with many unwanted side-effects). "Depending on (the disease) you may be able to get of or lower the dose of medicines if you make lifestyle changes like eating healthier, exercising and losing weight."

7. "Loneliness is bad for mental health & may affect your heart health. That's why I encourage seniors to engage in community activities when they can.

8. Immunity. What can be a bout of flu for a younger person can turn into pneumonia for a senior." Dr. Oz said.

My Full Moon and Healthy Inside-Out workshop is on October 6th. RSVP at

My mission is the empower women to be healthy inside-out and my vision is to create a Co-Op  Community Food Garden/ Healing Space where members/ owners share in the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. I believe in the power of Good Food that is healthy, fair, affordable and sustainable. I have a 3-week deep health coaching program that gets to the root cause of any issue and focuses on emotional healing. I use 3 simple, powerful steps to help clients let go of what doesn't serve them so they can be free to manifest their dreams. Contact me for a free consultation.

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