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Monday, April 16, 2018

Healthy for Life

I am excited about The Festival of Books on April 21-22. Did you know that USC has Health Pavilion at booths 862-899 with a variety of health screenings and demos?
  • dental screenings
  • blood pressure checks
  • blood glucose checks
  • BMI measurements
  • Vision screenings
  • Talk to a Doctor sessions & more!
I am going to the Welcoming Aging: New Possibilities for Living Long and Well. Link

I interviewed Nina Nam author of "Transformation Champ" and fitness influencer in February. I love her story of faith and focus. Nina shared that mindset is 90% of success and she'll be at the L.A Times Fesitval of Books. Link

I love this book "Ayurveda Made Easy" because it makes sense to take care of ourselves. "Hatha yoga prepares the body to be still. By first moving your body, you'll have an easier time (being still). From stillness, observe your thoughts without being attached to them" so you can rest and recharge. Yoga teaches us to be present. We connect to our inner truth and know that we are not our thoughts. Yoga changed my life. It helped me get out of myself. That is why I became a yoga teacher.

Ingrid Cheng
Diabetes Summit Ambassador

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mind-Body Health

I learned a lot at UCLA The Healing Power of Sound workshop. Did you know that yoga and meditation has been used in healing for over 5,000 years? Studies show that 36.7 million people practice yoga in this country. 85% reported less stress and 81% have improved overall health with a regular yoga practice. Yoga activates 7 regions of our brains and is good for healthy aging. It helps prevent depression and cognitive decline. There's a Yoga Meditation to Reduce Stress in Dementia Caregivers, sponsored by the *Alzheimer's Prevention Research Foundation. Studies show that mediation increases health in the cellular level, decreases inflammation and improves immunity. Yoga has also proven to help with *mild cognitive impairment. 

I also learned that the root cause of many mental illnesses is disconnection and broken families. People who feel isolated, lonely, disconnected are more prone to psychiatric disorders. Currently, we treat the symptoms but not the cause of illnesses. 1 in 6 Americans use psychiatric drugs and there's the opioid epidemic. Trauma makes us stay in freeze or immobile state. We store trauma and emotions in our bodies. Animals shake it off. Yoga and dancing help us shake off what keeps us stuck. We all have a deep need for belonging and connection. Integration is health. What we can't integrate becomes disease. Integrative practices include yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi/ Qi Gong help bring us back to oneness.
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Ingrid Cheng
Diabetes Summit Ambassador


Monday, April 2, 2018

Golden Moments

I love Jesse Golden @jessegolden and her book, "The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health on sale at Amazon. She shared 5 Golden nuggets during her talk @UnplugMeditation last Friday: 

1. The only way out is in (tune in)
2. Nature cures
3. Retrain your brain for the positive
4. Look beyond yourself (help someone in need)
5. Surrender is power

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*Yoga has 8 limbs and 1 of them is movement or postures:
1. Yama: Ethical standards and integrity known as the Golden Rule
  • Nonviolence
  • Truthfulness
  • Non-stealing
  • Continence/ Self-restraint
  • Non-covetousness
2. Niyama: Discipline
  • Cleanliness
  • Contentment
  • Surrender
3. Asana (postures)

4. Pranayama: Conscious breathing techniques

5. Pratyahara: Cultivate detachment. Tuning in to objectively observe our habits

6. Dharana: Focus or concentration

7. Dhyana: Meditation or contemplation

8. Samadhi: State of pure being. Connection to the Divine.

Most yoga classes focus on the fitness aspect, but I help people dive deep into the mental, physical and spiritual parts that have so many benefits. 

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Ingrid Cheng
Author and Yoga Teacher

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Be The Best You

I blogged about 3 tips to Spring Clean Your Diet and 3 tips to Lose Belly Fat. Now, I want to share what I learned from Dave Asprey #BulletproofCoffee:

1. Exercise: Go for a 20-minute walk every morning
2. Deep sleep: Turn off your devices & w-fi at night
3. Meditation: Schedule time to tune in to start the day

"Be grateful to be alive every morning. Cultivate gratitude." Dave said. I agree. Yoga helps you be grateful and present. Come to a yoga class. RSVP

"Food is fuel. Eat more herbs, spices, coffee, tea and chocolates (high in polyphenols)." Dave shared. Let's meet for tea/ coffee this week. Contact me

Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring Health Events

I went to the L.A. Marathon Health & Fitness Expo on Friday to network with the runners, vendors and have fun. I parked at a $5 lot a few blocks away from the Convention Center and walked. I was glad to see Nuun @nuunhydration, RX Bar @rxbar, Vital Proteins @vitalproteins and other healthy brands there.

On Saturday, I checked out Beauty & Balance - free event at Westfield Century City. I got to pamper myself with a cryotherapy facial, a mini-makeover and healthy drinks. Did you know that the mall also hosts other beauty events like Switch2pure Pop-Up? Join my Spring Clean Your Diet Challenge today. 3 tips that help you lose belly fat are:

1. Choose good carbs & fats
2, Replace bad fats with healthy ones like avocado, nuts & seeds. Cut out processed foods
3. Have a healthy lifestyle: reduce stress with yoga

I cheered on runners at mile 22 (corner of Barrington & San Vincente) yesterday. Then, I walked home. Later on, I went to the free post-race recovery event at Forster PT where I got a free massage, a roller and foot massage. It's important to practice self-care after a race. 

I'm so grateful to follow my heart and do what I love to do.
Here are a few more events to check out:

3/25 Startups De-Stress Sunday RSVP
3/31 Celebrate Spring Yoga & Potluck RSVP
4/6 Free Kid's Yoga Event RSVP on FB
4/21-22 L.A Times Festival of Books

My friend Nina Nam will be there to promote her book, Transformation Champ. I interviewed her last month. Click here to read more. I am so inspired by women like Chloe @chloelukasiak and Nina @theninanam

I can't believe that it's almost Earth Day and I want to create a big yoga event to celebrate Mother Earth. Let me know if you'd like to help plan the event.

Author, blogger, yoga teacher

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring is Here!

I celebrated International Women's Day at Westside YMCA by teaching a yoga class at noon. More than 30 people were at my class and I was glad to share the benefits of yoga with them. I gave them some self-care tips that they can use at home during the class. At the end, I showed them how to do a self-massage. On Saturday, I went to the Womens Leadership Conference at UCR and connected with like-minded women. I love the break-out sessions and panel discussion. Some tips I'd like to share are:

1. Be your authentic self
2. Own your space
3. Know your brand
4. Show up consistently
5. Network = net worth

Bonus: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is one of the biggest predictors of success in life and work

3/31 Join my Yoga & Potluck Party on Saturday

Plus 3 Tips to Spring Clean Your Diet:

1. Keep a food journal, write down what you eat & how you feel every day for 5 days

2. Drink more water, ditch the latte & soda. Consider cutting out dairy

3. Eat more vegetables. Buy local and seasonal from the Farmers Market & make salads (add cucumber slices & sprouted nuts for extra crunch)

Ingrid Cheng