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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Few of My Favorites

I love snacks and GimMe Seaweed snacks are one of my favorites.

I also love Thrive freeze-dried fruits. I put some in zippy bags to snack on-the-go.

I like Oxylent because it boosts immunity, tastes great and kept me healthy during the holidays. I drink it every morning.

I also like Neocell super collagen powder. I mix it with Golden Milk, protein drink or bake with it. Did you know that it's good for hair, skin, nails, joints and bones? I use it every day.

I received a free product from Maple Holistics for an honest review and I have been using their Tea Tree shampoo once a week. I noticed that my scalp is less oily after I washed my hair with their shampoo. Get free sample at

I got free topiary balls from Hedgescapes in return for a review and I love creating themed designs for my family. I gave some to my mom who enjoys plants and home decorating. She made a beautiful centerpiece and everyone who saw it asked if it was real! I made this cat one for my sister who has 3 cats.

Ingrid Cheng

Monday, January 8, 2018

Fit Expo and Slow Beauty


I went to The Fit Expo at the L.A. Convention Center on Saturday to support my friend Nina Nam who had a Q & A about her book. I love her positive message of faith and focus. Like us, she had doubts and tends to be self-critical, but she focused on what she wanted and achieved her goal. If you need extra inspiration or motivation, check out her book and posts!

I met Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo and worked out with him in person. At age 60+, he's an inspiration to me and many people. I checked off one of my bucket list by going to the expo.  

I'm so grateful to meet so many amazing people, healthy vendors and sampled many tasty snacks/ treats. For someone who's afraid of crowded places, it was a challenge to go to The Fit Expo but I got out of my comfort zone and am better for the experience.

I got the chance to interview Shel Pink, author of "Slow Beauty". She shared her self-care tips with me. Design or map out what practice you need on a seasonal basis. We need different things each season.

1. Meditation to reduce stress and slow the aging process

2. Self-massage: Use heavier massage oil during fall/ winter and lighter one during Spring/ Summer. Benefits: Detox and tone. This massager makes it easy to include massage at home.

3. Be in nature. Rituals are important to help you connect more to your inner truth

Slow down, realize what you need to feel more grounded and relaxed.

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Yoga, Meditation & Vision Board Party to Manifest Your Dreams
When: January 14th at 6 pm
Where: My condo in Brentwood
Small group. Fee includes materials, yoga, meditation and light refreshments.

I'm planing a Valentine's Day Self-Love Party. Join  Sweat Pink L.A. to keep updated.

Friday, January 5, 2018

5 Healthy Eating Hacks

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1. Shop Smart
2. Cook once, eat twice
3. Load up on fresh produce
4. Go whole
5. Save time and money

Did you know that an average meal at a restaurant costs 3 times more than a home-cooked meal? That's why I cook. Like many of you out there, I used to be "too busy to cook". I ate fast food and Healthy Choice frozen dinners. I felt bloated, slow and tired even when I was exercising regularly. Yoga and coaching changed my life. I learned to cook and appreciate veggies like asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, daikon, etc. I also used more whole grains like brown rice, farro and quinoa. 

1. I shop at Farmers Market, Trader Joe's & Whole Foods 365
2. I cook a bigger batch and save the extras for lunch tomorrow
3. I load up on fresh produce at Santa Monica Glatt and 99 Ranch Market 
4. I go whole grains
5. I save time & money with apps, coupons, rewards cards/ memberships

Yoga, Meditation & Vision Board Party to Manifest Your Dreams

Connect with me
When: January 14th at 6 pm
Where: My condo in Brentwood
Small group. Fee includes materials, yoga, meditation and light refreshments.

When I travel, I go to ethnic restaurants that serve authentic foods at good prices. I love Chinatowns because they usually have great ethnic foods. I was in Las Vegas and found this great Vietnamese restaurant Pho Kim Long. I ordered the rare beef pho for about $8 and it was the best meal I had there. I am planning to start a Healthy Eating and Recipe Exchange group.
Join  Sweat Pink L.A.

Ingrid Cheng
Author, blogger, health coach

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Make 2018 Your Best Year!

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In April, I created a Vision Board and practiced Law of Attraction. In June, I quit my dead-end job and decided to follow my dreams. In August, I started writing my book. In October, I was part of Bridging the Gap and was partnered with Daisy Teh, a Filipina-American entrepreneur. I like her beauty/ style advice for moms at The It Mom. I was inspired by One Love Fest and amazing teachers like Cheri Rae and Hemalayaa Behi. I became a Sweat Pink Chapter leader and much more. Join the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge on Monday Jan 8th!

I know 2018 can be our best year and created a New Year Vision Board Party. I'll share the simple and powerful process of letting go what doesn't serve you so you can manifest your dreams. 

Connect with me
When: January 14th at 6 pm
Where: My condo in Brentwood
Small group. Fee includes materials, yoga, meditation and light refreshments.

Ingrid Cheng
Author, blogger, health coach

Monday, December 11, 2017

6 Gifts of Health

@Amazon Books

Kitty Wells, author and CEO of Spice Pharm who worked in Silicon Valley for 20+ years graciously shared her anti-aging secrets with me on our interview.. She quit her high-tech, high stress job because it impacted her health. Kitty focused on using spices and herbs as part of her self-care practice. She started making her own healthy drinks and share the benefits of her natural "designer drugs" with people she knows. Kitty started her own company five years ago and believes in aging naturally into the "wisdom years".

Top 3 Spices for Health:
1. Ginger
2. Turmeric
3. Ceylon cinnamon

Benefits of ginger and turmeric:
1. Anti-bacterial
2. Anti-inflammatory
3. Boost immunity
4. Build core strength
5. Ginger is good for digestion

Ceylon cinnamon regulates blood suger

Top 3 adaptogenic herbs:
1. Rhodiola
2. Ashwagandha
3. Eleuthero 

All the spices and herbs she recommends have anti-aging and stress-reducing qualities.

She said that the economic downturn in 2008 led to an upturn in demand for natural remedies. We both believe that our health care is broken, expensive and ineffective in its delivery of quality care. More people need to take back control of their health since drugs are overprescribed and has many bad side-effects. I think there will be a big shift to prevention since Obamacare will be overturned. There is a list of books I want to read and her book "The Anti-Aging Secrets of Spices" is one of the top 3. 

My publisher really likes the tips Kitty shared and I'll include them at the end of my book under "Resources". Bonus for you: Free e-book. Sign up

Total 6 gifts of health for you. I love (5% off for first time customers). Try the Golden Goddess Chocolate Elixir. It's divinely healthy and delicious!

Ingrid Cheng
Author, blogger, health coach

Saturday, December 9, 2017

5 Gifts of Love

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Based on"The Five Languages of Love" by Gary Chapman:

1. Acts of service
2. Gifts/ presents
3. Physical touch
4. Quality time
5. Words of affirmation

This holiday season, give other gifts like your time. It's more meaningful and create a deeper bond with your loved ones. I look forward to spending quality time with my sisters and family.

I was at a Free Grants Workshop by La Quetta Shamblee (

She walked us through the 5-Step Process that uses 10 Building Blocks to Write More Grants in Less Time! It was a successful event with a big turnout and I made a good connection with someone who wants to create an intentional community.

The 5 Steps are:
1. Program design - What do you need the grant for?
2. Grant research - How to find the money?
3. Write grant proposals and budget
4. Package and submit
5. File and track grant (Know when to follow-up)

The 10 Building Blocks are:
1. Mission statement.
2. History. Describe program/ organization that's seeking the grant. When and why it's established.
3. Describe programs and services you offer.
4. Needs assessment. Why is it needed? Third-party validated information/ statistics)
5. Goals & objectives. What do you plan to achieve? How? (Measureable, specific results)
6. Target population (demographics)
7. Evaluation: Describe how progress, success & effectiveness will be measured
8. Timeline/ workplan: Schedule for implementing the parts of the program.
9. Future sustainability: How will you fund program after grant ends?
10. Program/ project budget: What's the estimated budget for 12 months? Aim for at least $350,000

Other tips:
Is your program/ organization eligible? What's the deadline? Do you file online or on paper?
What information do you need to include in it?
Add 10% as administrative overhead to total operating costs.
Add 25% to total wages

Ingrid Cheng
Author, blogger, health coach

Sunday, December 3, 2017

5 Holiday Gifts

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I joined the Night Walk with the Mayor at 5 pm and enjoyed the Art & BOLD Holiday Lights tour. Lili Bosse is committed to making Beverly Hills a healthy city. I love her mission because it's like mine. I joined @Fitapproach as a #SweatPink Ambassador last year and just started a FB group: on October 19th. It already has 80 members and many fun, fitness events. My goal is to help women be healthy inside-out.

12/10 Holiday Event to Give Back to Our Firefighters. I'm making bags of treats to drop off at Station 19. Join me. Space is limited. RSVP at

I wrote a short story "The Purple Elephant" for Sangita, who made "Gods in Shackles" because she is truly "the voice for the Asian Elephants" and I love her mission. Join her cause!

The Purple Elephant

Kerala didn't fit in. She was born to be different. Her purple color made her stand out, so her mom taught her to roll in mud to cover up her unique coloring.

"You must remember to do this and hide your true color. The world is a dangerous place. People will catch you and take you away if they find out that you're special." Madhu said to Kerala because she wanted to protect her precious daughter. "Promise me that you'll always be careful."

"I promise."

Kerala had trouble making friends as she'd often miss a spot or two and show her true color. Other young elephants made fun of her and called her "Spot" so she felt that there was something wrong with her. 

"Why don't they like me?" She asked her mom.

"It's the herd mentality. They don't like someone who is different from them."

"I know that as a herd, we have to live in harmony and work together. I wish that they aren't so mean to me.

"Don't worry about them. Your real friends will love and accept you for who you really are."

"How will I find them?"

"Just keep being you. Smile and say hello to other children."

"I love you mom. You're my best friend!"

"Oh Kerala, I love you too."

Five Holiday Gifts

1. The gift of love
2. The gift of kindness
3. The gift of giving
4. The gift of gratitude
5. The gift of joy and peace

How do we celebrate the holiday? By being more mindful and practicing these gifts, we will reap the benefits that spread to others.

P.S. Help me check off my bucket list. I've wanted to live in Mexico for a while and am seriously thinking about retiring there. I applied for a job there and need your vote!

Ingrid Cheng
Author of "The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga"