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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guess Where I Was Contest

I posted photos of places that I visited today and am running a contest this week. If you guess 2 spots correctly, you will get a free sample of healthy product. Subscribe to my blog or contact me at Fit-Twist to enter. Hint: Read captions under my pictures. Name 2 the places before Sunday 8/7 for a chance to win.

I visited two grocery stores in West L.A before driving to Culver City. I checked out 2 places there that may not be as well-known. The first photo (top right) is the courtyard of a gathering spot for seniors, the next 2 (top left & 2nd right) is a cute pet store in a mini-mall near Overland and Venice. I love the kefir & yogurt at Grocery Store 1, but I also found a healthy tasty treat at Store 2.
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