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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Doga: Yoga with Dogs (HSUS online store)
I am trying to follow the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, the Law of Least Effort. The principle is that we can accomplish more by doing less if we’re not wasting energy struggling and trying to force outcomes that aren’t ready to manifest. In yoga, the greatest benefits come from relaxing into a pose rather than forcing your body into it. When moving into a flexibility pose, once you find the point of resistance, rather than forcing your way through it, breathe. Let go and feel your body move gently pass the resistance. Stay present with your full awareness in your body as you breathe deeply, slowly. As in life, patience is a virtue. The more you are able to embrace, rather than fight your limitations and vulnerabilities, the less limits they hold and the more balance and energy you experience.

1. Acceptance - During your yoga practice, accept your body the way it is. In daily life, practice accepting people as they are and circumstances as they occur. My dog Sparky accepts and loves me unconditionally, we often make friends with other dog lovers and owners.

2. Responsibility - In yoga, this means making the commitment to nurture your body through appropriate exercise and nutrition. Having accepted things as they are, take responsibility for the choices and actions that you take each day. Don't dwell in the past or worry about the future. Live fully in this moment. Sparky is my role model because she is always living in the present.

3. Defenselessness - There are many different schools of yoga and no one “right” way to practice. Every teacher and system has its own merit. Yoga is dedicated to awakening flexibility in body, mind, and spirit so it can accommodate and celebrate the many diverse approaches. Don’t waste your energy defending your point of view or attempting to convince others. Remain open to all points of view. Sparky is my guide since she does yoga in her own way and we walk the figure 8 (a symbol of infinity at the end of Doga: Yoga with Dogs.
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