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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The PCTV Diet

I am on the PC/ TV Diet because I spend too much time online and used to watch a lot of T.V. I stopped sitting in front of the "tube" when I started Fit-Twist, but I've realized that being glued to my computer is not healthy. I'm taking a break and going to do more activities outdoors. I wanted to blog about Dr. Oz's 7 Days to Boost Energy, but lost my post halfway because I accidentally clicked away from this site. I forgot to publish/ save it halfway as I usually do. Instead, I'll quote Vibrant Life - "Forget about getting ahead in life: you feel as if you’re running just to catch up! If you don’t have the energy to do what you want to do—or what you have to do—try these 7 strategies to feel more invigorated.  

1. Plan
How many times have you come home from work, wondered what to make for dinner, put on the spaghetti sauce, and then realized you don’t have enough pasta? Time for a dash to the store or call to order pizza. Before the week starts, take time to plan your menu to minimize the last-minute rush. Also, my tip is to make extra servings during the weekend, store them in containers to bring to work as lunch.

2. Delegate
If you feel out of control, ready to give up before you even start, it’s time to delegate. Take an honest look at all the chores you do–both at home and at work–and ask if somebody else can do some of those instead. I need to hire a part-time sales person to help promote Fit-Twist. I also plan to go on vacation during Labor Day weekend.

3. Eat
Where does your energy come from? Kids know, because we tell them all the time: “You’d better eat your breakfast, or you won’t have any energy at recess!” You get energy from food, yet bad eating habits can rob you of energy instead of providing the boost you need. “We can’t overstress the importance of eating breakfast,” says Peter Vash, endocrinologist at the UCLA Medical Center. Don’t skip breakfast, but don’t grab a doughnut or pastry because you’re in a hurry." My tip is to put a healthy snack bar in your lunch bag or purse in case you don't have time to sit down for breakfast. Kashi bars are my on-the-go snacks

4. Relax
Stephen R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, claims that many people spend their lives “putting out fires,” dealing with daily drama. If these things are consuming your energy, it could be because you’re not putting your energy into the things that will prevent such crises, including nurturing your spiritual side and spending time with people you love. I'm going to take some time to refresh my spirit–even if it’s only for 15 or 30 min. 

5. Say no
Look in the mirror and repeat this 10 times: “No.” It seems deceptively easy. Yet many people have trouble saying the word. When someone calls for a favor, do you automatically say yes so they won’t be mad at you? I've decided to write down the activities that I think are reasonable and important for me and focus on doing those things. Many people work because they think they need the money, yet when they add up all the extra expenses of working (such as child care, business clothes, and a second car), it often is hardly worth it. Get rid of the things that bog you down. Then practice saying no. It gets easier with time.

6. Sleep
Before electricity, pioneers tended to sleep 10 hours a night. In today’s round-the-clock society, you can watch late-night TV at midnight or be on the internet before the crack of dawn like me. And what happens? You get sick more often, feel exhausted during the day, and are more accident-prone. Some people feel proud of the ability to survive on 6 hours of sleep yet "if you’re getting less than eight hours of sleep you’re likely sleep-deprived and have less energy during your waking hours." James Maas, author of Power Sleep says. 

7. Expand
One surprising reason you might be tired is because things are always the same. You have the same job or routine. Do something that's different and have fun. (Source: Vibrant Life).  I'm going to San Francisco on 9/2 and won't be back until 9/6. Hope to find out more about this beautiful city (my sister Cornelia used to live there and I visited her often). Love the easy access to public transportation, the free walking tours that I went on with SF City Guides and want to create a group like that here in L.A.

Ingrid Cheng
Sunrider distributor

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