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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lesson 21: Have Fun

Life is an adventure. Enjoy, explore and learn as you grow into your highest potential. Lighten up. Don't take things or yourself so seriously. Laugh at your mistakes and continue on your journey, being aware and mindful so that you do not repeat the same patterns. Yoga taught me to be present. There is nothing to do and nowhere to be. I just connect my breath with movement and flow. Focus on what is good and positive. Love your body, love your life and love yourself.

1. Get clear about your goals - what fulfills you spiritually
2. Create a Vision Board with words that empower you to attract and manifest what you want. I did that and am now launching my coaching practice base on the 21-Life Lessons from Yoga.
3. Write down what your beautiful, creative and meaningful life looks and feels like in the present tense.
4. Practice affirmations daily.
5. Daily gratitude journal - write down 1 to 3 things you are thankful for each day.
6. Read inspirational articles, blogs, books, stories and share your own Life Vision.

P.S. I love "Small Goals Commitment Challenge" SparkPeople blog!

Ingrid Cheng

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