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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mass Meditation and Yoga

I was at Disclosure Fest yesterday 10 am to noon. I took the Expo Line to Pico Station and Uber pool from the L.A. Convention Center to the event. I brought my healthy snacks, sunscreen, yoga mat, UV block umbrella and water bottle. I enjoyed classes like Unlock Your Voice by Helane Anderson at the Mind-Body Space where we combined movement and singing. It was a beautiful, uplifting experience. I had time to join in on the second part of Tantric Yoga - Dosha Balancing Asana series by Stephen Huntsman. I was challenged by some of the poses but modified them for my own needs. I wanted to check out the Sound Bath and Meditation by Serina Wolfe, but it got too crowded and hot. As an introvert, I do not feel comfortable in crowds and I am also allergic or hyper sensitive to the heat. So I left before I got a headache. I love free events that raise consciousness, improve health and wellness. When I found out about this event in Downtown L.A, I immediately asked if anyone wanted to carpool, but got no takers. So I ditched my car and planned ahead to get there before 10 am. I am glad that the Expo Line to Pico Station is an option and Uber pool made is easy to get to the Los Angeles State Historic Park for about $5. I like being early because it's usually less crowded and I can take my time to check out everything. I really enjoyed the event and hope that they will continue to do it next year.

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