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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lesson 7: Love Exercise and Movement

 I am challenging you to share 5 ways you're leading a healthier life just like Mrs. Obama did on T.V. Comment below and you may even win a prize.

Five things I do that are healthy:

1. Appreciating what is.
2. Being present
3. Creating new possibilities
4. Doing more of what I love
5. Exercising: Cardio, HIIT, strength training, yoga, walking and Zumba. I mix it up.

Benefits of Exercise:
1. Slows the aging process
2. Boosts energy naturally
3. Keeps skin young (especially inversion poses)
4. Improves circulation, flexibility, memory, mood, posture and sleep
5. Increases metabolism (burn fat)
6. Reduces belly fat and stress
7. Good for your heart

I went to a Movement and Discussion Class led by Christine Suarez, who creates feminist dance-theater. She also leads Dance For Veterans. In the class that I attended, we examined what it means to be an American. We'd say the first word that came to our minds and incorporate a movement that corresponds to that word. Somehow, we ended up with a collaborative dance by string the words together into a sentence. "Power, capitalism, double standard, welcome, many cultures, freedom, open and free speech" became our dance. I had fun and broke out a sweat.

If you're interested in Christine's class, go to:

Ingrid Cheng
Connector and Collaborator

Let's Move!

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