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Friday, June 9, 2017

Lesson 13: Love Challenges

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Challenges are opportunities for us to grow and learn. We often see challenges as obstacles that block our way. We try to avoid or go around them. Or we deal with them in an unhealthy way. We get angry, stressed out or worried.  Most women eat to "comfort" themselves or get too busy to exercise. I was a junk food addict and didn't have time to cook before finding yoga. I comforted and rewarded myself with crappy food. Like most people, I watched too much T.V. Yoga made me realize that I've been abusing and punishing my body but awareness was the first step to change. I ate more healthy food and vegetables. I cooked fast, easy meals that are healthy and delicious. I ate out a lot less and felt better. It took time to build my healthy eating habit, but now it's as natural to me as breathing. When I started bring lunch and healthy snacks to work everyday instead of going out to eat with my co-workers or getting junk from the vending machine, they nicknamed me "the health nut" or "the squirrel". I took their teasing as a compliment. I was being good to myself, saving money and time while carving out at least half of my lunch hour for a walk. Carol, one of my friends at work started to join me and we became exercise buddies during lunch. When I left to work for another company, Carol continued with her walks and I'd like to think that I inspired her to be healthy. When I started working for my current company, I couldn't believe that they offer free yoga and Zumba classes. I couldn't wait until my 90-day probation ended to sign up. I brought Lululemon bag with my workout clothes, my yoga mat and sneakers to work with my lunch bag. I became friends with a coworker who also loves to exercise and we work out together. We enjoy doing Jillian Michael's "No More Trouble Zones" DVD, yoga and Zumba.

Studies show that stress causes 80% of diseases. So, it is good to reframe our beliefs about challenges in a more positive light. Without challenges, we become complacement, stagnant. The term growing pains apply to our spiritual growth. I have been dealing with several challenges recently and they helped me grow so much. While I was struggling with caring for my elderly parents, my insomnia and sciatica, I practiced self-care. The following things helped me get better:

1. Aromatherapy
2. Breathwork or Conscious breathing
3. Meditation 
4. Mindful eating
5. Journaling
6. Walking
7. Yoga 
8. Reading 
9. Going to sleep earlier around 10 pm
10. Taking a hot bath with Epsom salt and lavender oil before bedtime

Join me for the Los Angeles Public Library's Summer Reading Challenge!
Join me for the 10-Day Yoga Challenge

P.S. I also got acupuncture and ear seeds.

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