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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lesson 14: Love Learning


I have done some soul searching and learned a lot since I read The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist
(soulofmoney). I learned about the 3 Big Lies:

1. Scarcity/ Not enough
2. More is better
3. It's just the way it is

The U.S has 44% of the world's population and generates 25% of the pollution. The income divide is getter wider and deeper while the housing and stock market continue to grow. Yet many of us are priced out of owning a home because our income has not grown in step with the market. What does the 1% know or have that makes them rich? Does wealth = happiness? Money expresses our values and does not determine it. Even though I came from a Middle-Class family and am considered well-to-do, I used to believe in the 3 Lies. When I let go of my fear of scarcity and focus on my inner resources, when I align money with my core values, I realized that I needed to change career. My job and income do not define me. That is part of what I've learned.

I also read The Power of Partnerships by Riane Eisler (Amazon) and learned that I am not alone in wanting to create win-win relationships.

Then, I read other books that helped me like Born to Blog. I learned that I am a Dreamer, a Storyteller and a Teacher. Stanford Smith talked about the following:

1. Being authentic
2. Respecting your intuition
3. Relating and finding similarities/ lessons you can learn from successful bloggers
4. Know why before how
5. Focus on your passions
6. Courage and tenacity

I am so thankful to all these authors for changing my life. I am starting a coaching program based on the 21 Life Lessons I learned from yoga and writing a book. I am also creating a Manifesting Kit to help others create their own vision boards and use the steps I learned to manifest my dreams!


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