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Sunday, May 28, 2017

21-Life Lessons from Yoga

Lesson 1: Love Yourself

I am grateful to share this crucial and powerful step for reclaiming your wellness. Yoga taught me to practice self-care and self-love. It is a way for me to connect with the Goddess inside me, to tune in to the light and love that exist within me. Our culture and the media want us to believe that we need to seek happiness from things like beauty products, money or weight-loss programs. However, when we pursue happiness outside of ourselves, we lose sight of what we truly want. We all want to be happy, healthy and to live in a sustainable manner. Yet, we are conditioned to buy this or that as if we can acquire happiness like a possession. When we tap into our own Divine being, we can access contentment, peace and wellness.

Commit to Goddess Yoga for 21 days and you will see and feel the difference.


1. I am complete and whole
2. I love myself just the way I am
3. I let go of the need to compare or criticize

Do these yoga poses early in the morning or at night before you go to bed

1. Feet up wall pose - stay still for 10 deep, slow breaths
2. Child pose - snuggle in and relax for 10 deep breaths
3. Forward bend - to calm and relax for 10 slow breaths

Summer is the best time to yoga outdoors. I used to lead Yoga at the Park and now want to start Yoga at the Beach. Let me know if you are interested. Join

Yoga at the Beach

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  1. Yoga has become the best thing for my relationship with food and my body. From practicing it several times a week, I'm now more in touch with my hunger cues—so I stop when I'm full. I've gone down a jeans size, and my cellulite has disappeared! Jessica Nicklos