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Friday, May 19, 2017

How to Break Bad Habits

One tool you can use to break free of bad habits and be attuned to your body is to observe the tension you carry in your body. Are you holding your breath or is your breathing quick and shallow? Are your shoulders stiff and tense? Just be aware without being critical. Take 3 deep, slow breathes - inhale to draw air (oxygen) into your lungs, feel your rib cage and belly expand and exhale to release stress or tension. A mantra you can use internally while you do this simple breathing exercise is "let go". Set an intention. What do you wish for? Inhale, "I let go of my pain". Exhale, "let go"

I am reading The Power of Partnerships: Seven relationships that will change your life by Riane Eisler. It is an eye-opening book about the old Domination Model based on authority/ control (win-lose) and the new Partnership Model based on respect (win-win).

Join Being Well - Connect, Collaborate and find Common Ground to create win-win.
Yoga teaches us to be in partnership with our bodies, to treat them with care and respect. By practicing yoga, we become attuned to and connected to our bodies and our spiritual beings. Yoga made me aware of how I was harming myself with the bad habits of mindless eating and dieting. It connects me to the truth that I was seeking comfort from food. Now, when I feel the urge to indulge, I ask myself if doing that will satisfy me or if I'd feel better with a healthier choice.

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  1. Great tips, thanks Ingrid!

    Susan von Seggern,
    Public Relations Consultant