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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Writing Works!

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Chinese saying - Avoid small people (because they want to take away your greatness).

You are bigger than who you think you are when you have a big dream and faith in your mission!

What kind of energy do you have?
Chinese blessing - Flowers bloom bring fortune.
#Hong Kong
    Chinese warning - "Be aware of the energy in your place. 
    If plants die, it's bad Feng Shui.”

    I used to think that being American was better than being     Chinese. The U.S. school system exists to assimilate other non-natives into the American culture and way of being. Before coaching, I wasn’t confident about my own writing because English is my second language, but I love to write in English and hate to write in Chinese. With just 26 alphabets, English is so much easier to learn than the thousands of Chinese characters that I was forced to memorize in Hong Kong. Also, I realized that I love all my English teachers because they are passionate about what they do and made it fun for me to learn this language! I am so grateful to every coach and teacher who made a difference in my life! I am proud to be Chinese!

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