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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Programing

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Landmark Day 5

100% of my being is committed to my dream of creating a better world with the yoga life lessons that I've learned. This book is my contribution to the world, my way of being the change I wish to see, making a big difference in my life and the world. I enrolled in Landmark Forum because my Dream Coach Karen Lee shared it with me and at that point, there was no doubt that I'd sign up for it. That was what I did a few days later, yet I didn't believe that once I paid the deposit and handed in the form, I was already in Landmark Forum. I learned that my old programming or way of thinking was missing key pieces to work and got a new programming that works! It's like my mind got restarted, making the old program obsolete. "What's going on? It's getting better!" Was what I thought when I didn't get defensive and let my mom's opinions get to me. I used to think that she was a nag, but my mom's great. She loves me, cares about me, but her way of showing it comes across as bossy. "Ingrid, put on your lipstick. You'll look better." She'd say and I'd get that's her way of saying she loves me, but before Landmark, I'd get that I'm not good enough nor am I as pretty as my sister and it seemed as if she didn't love or accept me for who I am. The kid in me felt so hurt that I felt the need to protect myself, so I got defensive and resentful. I take 100% responsibility for that. 

I am a dreamer and I am not the only one, but I used to believe that being a dreamer meant that I was not a doer or finisher, so I worked hard to prove myself in order to feel better about myself. I love to help people and know I am making a difference. It's that simple. I sat in the sidelines 90% of my life and when I played in the court, I just did enough to get by. Now, my entire being knows that I am powerful and compassionate. I refuse to fall back to my old thinking anymore. I am committed to this vision and finishing this book 

Projects and goals that I am currently working on
·         My book
·         My non-profit
·         Building my Healthy Lifestyle online community and a team to get to the next step
·         Learning and doing things that I need to learn and do
·         Getting a part-time intern to assist me
·         Asking for your support in a powerful way that moves you to do something

Ingrid Cheng, Founder of Fit-Twist

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