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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Transform Yourself

#You are what you eat 
I made dinner in less than 10 min - Why I love to cook! 
My vision is to create a better, healthier world. My mission is to empower women to believe in themselves and go after their dreams no matter what circumstances they are in with my book of Yoga Life Lessons and non-profit center. I partner with like-minded professionals and companies to create win-win. 

1.     Vision – Creating a better world
2.     Mission – Empowering women to be healthy inside out
3.     Plan – Goals and action steps
4.     Learn what I need to learn to do what needed to be done
5.     Team building – Share what I am doing
6.     Request others to join me or support me
7.     Empower women in Los Angeles
8.     Empower others in U.S and the world

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Ingrid Cheng, Founder of Fit-Twist
Making a difference everyday!

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