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Sunday, January 15, 2012


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excerpt from book:

My mom is great! She is creative, loving and curious. I like to model her in many ways. Since my mother stayed home full-time, my sisters and I got to spend more time with her while our dad was busy with his career. Yet we were not grateful for the time that our parents gave to us because we complained when they wanted to go out with friends or with each other. We pleaded for them to stay home and be with us or take us along with them. I think we made them feel guilty because our parents gave us snack and toys to placate us. I have a 5-year old niece Jordan who thinks she is the most important thing in her life and we all love her. Yes, my sister Sandra thinks that Jordan is the best thing that happened to her. As an aunt I can see that her daughter is spoiled because she always demands to get what she wants in terms of attention and toys. Yet I know that giving in to a child’s demands is unhealthy and unwise. Please consider that children are just like us. All they want is love, acceptance and recognition.  


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