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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Casting Call

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Kids Play

Ugly Duckling 2.0 
excerpt from my book

I am looking for 6 people in West L.A. to play the supporting characters since I will be the heroine. This play is a work of fiction based on my life, but I believe many of you can relate to it. RSVP with your name, age and the name of the character you're auditioning for by Thursday March 31st. Thanks.


Ugly – Main character or heroine who is bullied and teased for her big, fat appearance

Eva – Her mom who told her to lose some weight

Don – Her dad who was too busy at work to notice what was going on

Amy and Becky– Her two sisters

Mabel, Jenny – Her friends in school


At a family farm near Los Angeles.


The heroine or main character has to overcome bullying, obstacles, villains to regain her real self. This is a story of transformation. Ugly loves to eat and is bigger than her older sister. They all call Ugly “Fat Girl”

Act One:

Don: “I work hard all week to provide for you and the kids. All you do is complain about it whenever I want to have some fun with my friends.”

Eva: “Don’t raise your voice. You’ll scare the kids. We seldom see you during the week and you need to spend more time with us.”

Don: “I asked you to go eat breakfast at the Farmers Market, but you wanted to sleep in. So I took our kids and we just got back!”

Eva: “Stop yelling. I’m not deaf!”

Don: “I can’t talk to you. I’m leaving!”

Don left and slammed the front door. The ducklings fluffed their feathers to sooth themselves. Ugly looked sad.

Eva: “Did you have fun with your dad?”

Amy and Becky in unison: “Yeah!

Eva: “What about you, Fat Girl?”

Ugly: “I wanted to have ice cream, but dad said it’s not good for me.”

Eva: “We are not going to buy Mint Chip ice cream for you anymore.”

Sisters: “You’re too fat anyways.”

Ugly: “But I love ice cream!”

Eva: “We’re doing this for your own good.”

Sisters: “No more ice cream for Fat Girl!”

Ugly says to her mom: “It isn’t fair. Why do they always get what they want?”
Eva: “That isn’t true. Now, go to your room and take a timeout.”

Ugly storms away, slamming the door to her room. It was a bedroom which she shares with Becky, her little sister. Amy, her big sister gets to have a private room. Ugly thinks that her parents must love Amy more.

Becky: “Are you okay?”

Ugly: “No. Leave me alone.”

Becky: “I’m sorry we hurt your feelings.”

Ugly: “Why am I so different from everyone else? I hate being fat!”

Becky: “It’s okay. I love you anyways.”

Ugly: “I love you too!”

They hug each other.

Eva: “Becky, come out here and leave her alone. She’s on a timeout.”

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