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Saturday, January 7, 2012


#Healthy Products

I just got an email from a friend saying that she was very sick during the holidays. I know others who have gotten very sick last winter. I need to tell you how eating well, having personal time, sleeping enough, walking & yoga helped my stay healthy. I got very sick & had a high fever in Winter of 2007. I declared that I'd get well and told myself I'd be feeling better. I visualized how I'd be as a healthy person & I went to sleep. I felt better the next day & promised to be healthy from that day forward - guess what? I haven't gotten so sick since then. It's amazing! I am keeping my promise to myself no matter what. I take healthy supplements because they're my health insurance. My dad relies on doctors and prescription drugs to feel better, yet he still feels bad & has pain. Do you rely on doctors or pills to keep you healthy? How has that been working for you so far? If the answer is that you still feel sick, then please try one of these products to see if it will help you. I've tried all of them and every one has different benefits. I can't say too much about because I have agreed to write a blog post about this product in return of free samples and products. If you really want to be healthy, commit to be so and take action. It's that simple.

Landmark Day 2:

I am much better at writing this down than saying this. Maybe, it's the reason why I want to write a book? I realized that I have problems, life have problems, but I am creating a possibility for myself that I am not my problems or going to use them as excuses anymore. Everyone is in the same boat, I have the same fear that they have. I'm afraid of their opinions & they're afraid of mine. Once I realized this, I felt at peace, powerful and compassionate. That's who I am being: peaceful, powerful and compassionate. Now I know that I am afraid of conflict and act nice to avoid it, I can be someone who tells the truth without worrying what others will think. I am writing my book, going to Landmark Forum to get unstuck and creating a possibility of being authentic, responsible and able to connect with others in a deeper level.


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Ingrid Cheng, Founder of Fit-Twist

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