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Friday, September 30, 2011

Are You a Dolphin?

Healthy Networking

There are 3 kinds of people in this world - Sharks, Tunas and Dolphins. Sharks are predators and will make you bleed like loan sharks (lawyers also get a bad rep as Sharks). Tunas swim in a school and try to escape predators, but they have a victim mindset. Dolphins are smart and cooperate with each other for the benefit of the group. Chellie Campbell says "I love my life! And my fondest desire is that you love yours, too. One of the best ways I know of to help you do that is to comb the world for Dolphins and put you in communication with each other. When Dolphins find each other, miracles happen! Since 1990, when I began teaching the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops in Los Angeles, I have been building my local Dolphin community. Then with the publication of The Wealthy Spirit (Sourcebooks, 2002) and Zero to Zillionaire (Sourcebooks, 2006), the Dolphin community exploded across the world! My newsletter The Wealthy Spirit News goes to Dolphins in every corner of the globe: India, Korea, Scotland, Israel, Greece, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Peru, England, Canada, and every state in the USA. Why Swim with Sharks When You Can Swim with Dolphins?
Now You Can Swim, Grow and Prosper With Fellow Dolphins from Around the World!"


All these benefits (and more!) are yours for only $25 per month.
When you become a member you will have full Dolphin Club access, receive Special Bonus Gifts and ongoing Monthly Benefits absolutely free of charge:

1: Get a Free Page in the Dolphin Directory to Advertise Your Services! Advertise your products or services with a link to your web site. Add your logo, images, articles, list your AIM and more so others can contact you quickly and directly. This is a sure way to know your next clients will be Dolphins!
Value: $25

2: Welcome to the Club Bonus Gift: DaySavor
Free Daily Affirmation Software!!!
 Download the newly created “Wealthy Spirit” Day-Savor Screen-a-Day® Software. Filled with breathtaking photos of scenery
—there are affirmations for each day of the year from The Wealthy Spirit. Also includes a calendar, screensaver, greeting card creator and more! Value: $25

3: New Bonus Gift Each Month!!! Every month of your membership, you will receive a new bonus gift Free from one of my favorite business associates.
Value: $25-100

New Bonus Gift for October!
Free E-Book Chapter from Carol Ummel Lindquist, Ph.D., Living Happily Together in Tough Economic Times

Dr. Carol Ummel Lindquist is a Board Certified and licensed Clinical Psychologist with an active practice in high conflict couples and trauma therapy. Yes, she is happily married for 25+ years, but remembers marriage can be very hard work sometimes. She believes working through the tough times gives you a chance to look at yourselves, grow as individuals and reconnect around your strengths and what you love about each other. Living through tough times can lead to the best and happiest part of your life. She has written a book, Happily Married with Kids about how to be in the 33% of couples who grow closer and happier after kids and avoid being in the 67% who are unhappy or divorced. She is working on a new book, Generational Happiness.

4: Free Downloads of Chellie’s Special Reports such as "It’s Not Cold Calling—It’s Gold Calling" and "Inside Book Publishing." These reports are filled with insider information on sales, marketing, finances, and book publishing and contain information and guidance direct from me that are not available anywhere else. Value: $98
Plus: Extra Bonus Gift: Download a copy of my actual book proposal that turned into “The Wealthy Spirit.” Value: $25

5: Free Access to the Dolphin Message Board where you can connect with other Dolphins from around the world, ask questions, give opinions, get feedback, and make connections with other Dolphins. Post your wins and successes, resources, networking groups, job openings, and favorite philanthropies.
6: Free Downloads of Audio Recordings and More! Fun, informative podcasts, radio shows, teleclasses, etc., as they become available.
Value: $25-100

7: Free Access to the Dolphin Book Club: join with other Dolphins in reading and discussing the latest books.
8: Special Invitations, Notifications, Discounts, Etc. Receive first notification and discounts on other products, services and advertising and sponsorship opportunities as they become available.
Value: Potentially hundreds of dollars in discounts per month!Join Dolpin Club

Total Value of Dolphin Club Membership:
$214 plus+ per month for $25 per month!
Plus: New member benefits being added all the time...
I am looking forward to swimming with you!
Love and blessings,



Ingrid Cheng
Yoga Teacher
Sol Inspired Rep
ID # 90049-129-IC
Sunrider Distributor

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