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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Knitting and Yoga

9/25 Laugher & Yoga 6-7 pm

Yoga and Knitting are two ancient practices that complement each other. The relationship is easy to understand. The asanas or poses in yoga help unite mind and body. We focus on our breathe and be present as we go through the repetitive motion. Yoga is my main way to be healthy, to connect with my creativity and meditate just as knitting can transform the knitter into a meditative state. They are both engaging practices because they require concentration and focus. Yoga and knitting cultivates an inward state of relaxation while creating something beautiful and different. Knitting requires hours and hours of sitting. Yoga is the perfect physical diversion, so come to Laugher & Yoga in Venice 6-7 pm for a fun evening of dance, laughter, movement, music & party! You don't need to know yoga to enjoy this class. Suggested donation of $10-15. Pay what you can (free for kids & seniors). Yoga asanas can help to prevent some of knitting’s common aches and pains. (Adapted from article).

I was at VogueKnitting Live! at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza and learned a lot. I even made a cute outfit for my dog Sparky! Check out

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