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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I love Yosemite

 I love Sunrider Sunbreeze balm 

Yosemite photos: on Twitpic

Just got back from Yosemite - I hiked up to Vernal and Nevada Falls the first day, a strenuous 3-hour trip to the top (1,000 ft elevation) with beautiful views all around. The mist trial was a real workout! I brought a sack lunch with me and ate it with gusto at Vernal Falls before exploring further. I took lots of pictures and posted them on Flickr. I enjoyed a brisk swim in Mono Lake, visited June Lake the second day, but didn't go in because it got really windy and cold. I hiked up to Lembert Dome and walked around the Valley (love the Sequoia Groves) the last day - also helped make wonderful group meals every morning and nightIt got rather cold and windy. Luckily, I wore the Sol Inspired Apsara and Sol Mate which kept me warm plus protected my skin from the sun on some my hikes. I did some yoga to limber up before and after each hike. It was the only thing besides Sunrider Sunbreeze balm that helped my sore tight muscles. A few people were injured at the moderate and strenuous hikes, one woman twisted her ankle. Before yoga, I often used to twist my ankles. After I took some yoga classes, my balance improved so much that even if I trip, I don't fall or hurt myself. Since I didn't have a tent, I slept in the Green Tortoise Bus which wasn't that comfortable and my back felt sore. So yoga helped relieve my back pain. No internet connection for 3 days and I feel recharged!

Paid $5 for a day-pass and $2 for a locker at Green Tortoise Hostel, enjoyed a hot shower, checked my email, secured my luggage and went to Chinatown. Spent $100 total on all my purchases including some great teas (Sticky Rice and Blue tea) at Vital Tea Leaf on 509 Grant Ave, S.F. 94108, a beautiful Chinese brush painting by Vincent Zhao, a famous painter and calligrapher, many ingredients for healthy dishes (including cooling herbal drink mix at Chung Chou City). My secret to living my dream? Living frugally and simply, staying at hostels instead of hotels and buying local. Simple ways you can save money: cook & eat at home, bring lunch to work, don't go out so much, have a fun dream list that this money you're saving will fund. Yosemite has been on my list for a long time. I made my dream come true. Hope to hear about your dream list.


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