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Monday, September 12, 2011

Inner and Outer Beauty

I Love Fortune Delight

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation Melanoma is an epidemic. If you combine colon, breast, lung & prostate cancers -- Melanoma takes more lives (1 person in the US dies every hour from melanoma).  Go With Your Own Glow The Foundation learned from a focus group of beauty editors that radiant skin is the new beauty ideal, and this was the inspiration for their campaign. Tanning is undesirable and unhealthy. Natural, glowing, healthy skin is the look that everyone wants. They are offering Free Skin Cancer Screenings with the Road to Healthy Skin Tour, making 80 stops in 24 states. Over the past three years, their volunteer dermatologists have discovered nearly 200 suspected melanomas, potentially saving many lives. In addition, these doctors have found 2,202 suspected actinic keratoses (the most common precancer)!

As an Asian woman, I know that sun damage will make me look older than I really am. I avoid direct sun as much as possible, apply sunscreen regularly even on overcast days and wear my Sol Inspired scarf everywhere especially when I travel. I love that this line is comfortable, fashionable, versatile plus it protects my skin from the harmful rays of the sun! I also belief that beauty begins from inside so I eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and teach yoga.

Sun protective clothing is one of the most effective ways to prevent
sun-related skin disease & damage.

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Since 1982, Sunrider International has helped people around the world achieve success and financial independence with their rewarding business opportunity. Sunrider is also a premier manufacturer of high-quality health products. I love the Fortune Delight and drink it every morning. My dad uses Sunbreeze balm because it's the only remedy for his toe pain and helps him sleep through the night. He went to see many doctoros and tried everything - muscle rubs, pills, massage, physical therapy, etc. Nothing helped until I gave him a large Sunbreeze balm about a month ago and he just bought another large one. Sunrider products really work and I just got more beauty items (lipstick and nail polish) from them. Contact me for a free demo, mini-facial and sample now.

Ingrid Cheng
Sol Inspired Sales Rep
ID # 90049-129-IC

Sunrider Distributor

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