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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Live, Love, Laugh

Laughter & Yoga
Live in this moment. Yoga reminds me to breath deeply and enjoy the present because being alive is a gift. Dare to dream big from this day forward. Commit to taking small steps daily to be well in all areas of your life. Make a declaration for yourself, write it down and repeat it every morning. Mine is: "At this moment, from this point forward, forever and always, I am creating and declaring myself to be abundant, focused, happy, healthy and powerful in all areas of my life."
Yoga Classes, Santa Monica, CA 
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"Love is the highest healing vibration, peace is what the world so desperately needs, and light grants everything one could possibly need for fulfillment. Indeed, by sowing these seeds of love, peace and light, they will come back to you tenfold." - Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga® said. Yoga helps improve all areas of my life: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Health, Wealth ($, Job) & Relationships! 
Laugh for no reason - Laughter is the best medicine: Laughter & Yoga helps me in many ways. I'm more balanced, flexible, eager to try new things because of it. I was the worst yoga student and didn't like yoga at first. Little did I know that many women share my bad yoga experience until I began to teach 3 years ago and asked them if they've tried yoga. So I share this story with you. Don't be discouraged if you feel like a bad student. Commit yourself to learning a bit every day and ask for help. My sister kept pushing me to go to class after class until I started to enjoy yoga. Then I went by myself, began to practice regularly and read yoga books. I never thought that I'd teach yoga because I was and am uncoordinated. Often, I confuse left with right and do the wrong side first in yoga poses. I love Yogawoman because it shows how female yoga teachers are changing people's lives. It affirms all that I believe about yoga and its benefits. Go see Yogawoman if you don't know or like yoga. It may change your mind. I co-lead a Laughter & Yoga class with Kim Selbert. She's great.  
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Ingrid Cheng, Founder of Fit-Twist

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