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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anything is possible

I Love Yoga

I am a yoga teacher who partners with other businesses to bring health and beauty to you. I have talked to many people and all of them have one problem in common. They don't have time to take good care of themselves. So they rely on health insurance, doctors, pills, etc. Some of them have unhealthy habits and lifestyles due to stress. Stress is the leading cause of illness and the reason for two thirds of the total visits to the doctor. Most of us are overworked and need a healthy way to reduce stress. I will make it easy and convenient for you to be healthier inside out by going to your homes, offices or schools. My goal is to bring health and beauty you. 

I was a bad yoga student. I never thought I’d become a yoga teacher because I was not balanced, coordinated or flexible. I kept going to yoga classes, realized the health benefits and other side benefits. So if a bad student can become a teacher, anything is possible. 
3. Yoga can help improve your balance.
5. Yoga can help you sleep better
6. Yoga is a great way to exercise

Combine yoga with healthy organic products like Blissmo Box to improve your life

Yoga is a fun nice way to have more balance and flexibility in your life. You’ll enjoy better mental health, increased body awareness and in the process, you’ll become stronger, more energized, flexible and relaxed.

Yoga gives us a chance to experience the union of mind, body and spirit. In each class we focus on relaxation, stillness of the mind and building energy/ physical strength. It’s my goal to bring an intimate atmosphere conductive to create flow, harmony and growth in yoga to your work or home. 

Yoga challenged and still challenges me to try and fall or fail. I realized that it’s okay to fall or fail in yoga and grow from failing. So, I became more confident through yoga.

The #1 barrier to success is the fear of failure. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Yoga helped and still helps me face my fears. I still resist doing a pose that looks hard, scary or impossible. Guess what I hear my yoga teacher says in my mind? “It’s okay to fall or fail. Just do it.” Yoga gives me insight, self-confidence and tranquility. It taught me and still teaches me to be more patient. Yoga changed my life. Do you want to relax and slow down? A regular yoga practice helps me do so. It reminds me to breathe slowly, relax my body and quiet my mind while I am flowing through the yoga asana or poses. The main lesson I learned from yoga is not to be afraid to fail. The other lesson is to show up in yoga class, be present and to breathe. This translates to showing up in life and being present because the past is gone and the future is uncertain. I hope you will really get that you can fail towards success. I’m trying and failing every day. All we have is this moment. We are our worse critics and enemies. Our inner voices will tell us to play it safe. That is not what we are meant to do. Each of us has a dream to make a difference and to connect with others. So my advice like Nike is to just do it. Take risks, get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Once you get pass this fear of failure, nothing will stop you from succeeding. Just heard about how happiness can be measured. Yoga makes me happy. 

Yoga changed my life because it helped my overcome my fear of failing and show up in life. I hope it will change yours too. Remember that fear is false evidence appearing real. Courage is being scared and still going for it. What is your dream? Write it down and do one thing each day to move closer to your dream. I hope you will discover the many benefits of yoga. 

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