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Sunday, October 16, 2011

AIDS Walk L.A.

I am a Sunrider Fan 

This year, General Sign-In at AIDS Walk LA is sponsored by  (Flickr Photo Album). I joined as a distributor because Sunrider is a Iocal company that manufactures high-quality natural products in Torrance. l love Fortune Delight, Sunbreeze, Oi-Lin skincare line and QuinarySunrider products are based on their "unique Philosophy of Regeneration™—it’s their blueprint for every Sunrider® product they make. Achieving balance is the guiding principle of this philosophy. We believe that keeping the body nourished and cleansed—and thus balanced—through eating a variety of wholesome foods is essential to enjoying good health and feeling great.

Dr. Chen created Quinary® as a convenient way to keep the body’s five major systems in balance. Addressing the body's systems collectively, as well as individually, Quinary® helps maintain health rather than waiting for the body to malfunction and then trying to remedy the problem. Quinary® helps many of the employees at Sunrider World Headquarters to feel energized and at their best." I think the testimonials speak for themselves:

Quinary® really does seem to make my body feel balanced and healthy. It’s also easy to take; I simply add it to water or drink it with my tea and then enjoy the benefits. 
Zoe Yang
Web Marketing

I enjoy the product because it gives me more energy and makes me feel healthier and focused throughout the day. 
Loida Caldejon
Order Representative

Quinary® seems to make my hair healthier and fuller. It really makes me feel great, so I try to take it regularly. 
Jinny Hong
Order Representative 

I hope you'll come by and say "hi" to us at AIDS Walk L.A today. 

Thank you for your support.

Ingrid Cheng
Founder of Fit-Twist
Yoga teacher who partners with Sunrider

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