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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Think Pink

10/23 Breast Cancer Awareness Event

I am passionate about health and my goal this weekend is to raise $250 for Yoga Education: Yoga is a good fitness routine because it helps reduce stress. Stress is responsible for many diseases.  My goal is empower people to be proactive about their health and wellness. I also blog about healthy lifestyle, local events and charities that I believe in. Yoga teaches inner peace and non-violence which translates to more peaceful interactions with others. My dream is to create a better world by sharing the life lessons I've learned through yoga. Please come say hello to me at Lucy store in Westfield Century City this Sunday 3-5 pm. RSVP at

As a child, I was a dreamer and got teased or put down for being impractical. I wanted to be an artist or cartoonist, but my parents told me to get real. As a teen, I declared that I wanted to be a writer. Guess what my parents said? “You’ll starve as a writer. Get a business degree.” I listened to them, but they were wrong. I majored in business, but took writing classes on the side. Though I secretly wrote, I only shared my stories in the safe space of my class with other aspiring writers as I knew how others in my lifewould react negatively to my pursuit of this dream. Long story short, I continued to scribble poems, short stories and even attempted to compose lyrics to songs. However, I never thought anyone would want to read what I wrote. Yet, I love to read and was called a “bookworm” with my head in the clouds. Yogagave me a safe space to explore my mental and physical limitations – the teachers pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone. Gradually, I learned to believe that I could do more in yoga class and therefore do more in other areas of my life.

Ingrid Cheng
Healthy Lifestyle expert
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World

I partner with other businesses to bring health and wealth to you.
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