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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fitness is Fun!

Health Events

I am passionate about health because I was overweight. My family nicknamed me "Fatso" and others followed. My mom told me I needed to lose weight so I went on a diet as a teen, became anorexic at 17. Then, my mom dragged me to see a doctor who gave me a choice. "Start eating or you may lose your teeth or have early osteoporosis." I didn't want that, so I began to eat more but felt resentful of my mom when I should be grateful. In the winter of 2007, I got really sick but didn't have health insurance, so I took over-the-counter drugs and avoided seeing a doctor. I had a fever and felt as if I couldn't breath. Then, I realized that breath is life and no one was going to help me be healthy unless I help myself. I drank lots of water, took an aspirin, relied on my mom for some TLC and visualized getting well as I feel asleep. Also told myself that I was responsible for being sick so I took 100% control of my health and made a declaration that I'd be healthy. When I woke up the next day, I felt much better. My fever was gone and I could really breathe.

At that time, I was certified by YogaFit to teach and being certified by Yoga Education Institute. I practiced yoga during the holidays and brought my mat to my uncle's home in Palo Alto when we had a family reunion because most of our relatives live in the Bay Area. I love San Francisco and my older sister was living in the city at that time, so I wanted to visit but no one wanted to drive and I didn't have a car because we flew up. Knew that I'd go no matter what. Told them I'd take the train to go by myself but my uncle immediately offered to drive and so did my aunt. Our whole family ended up in meeting in San Francisco and had a great time.

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