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Monday, October 24, 2011

I Create Win, Win

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Hit Your Target When Advertising Your Business Online

Start a Blog and RSS Feed
There are many free blogging sites around where you can create a blog that is hosted on their site. (I personally like using blogger and WordPress.)
Create a Newsletter
By creating your own newsletter or ezine it offers you all the advantages of ezine advertising and email marketing discussed in the first section.
Write your Own Articles
You can take the material you have generated for your newsletter or blogs and release them as articles.
Create an Ebook
Once you have enough material generated from your newsletter and blog then you can combine it into a convenient Ebook and give it away. Make sure to capture names and email addresses so that they can be added to your email marketing list.
Post in Forums
If you have the time you should start your own forum or find a forum where you have something to offer and post comments. Make sure that you include an applicable URL and description for your forum signature, and you will attract the double benefit of both traffic and search engine results.
Social Networking Sites
Sites like: Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, etc have become increasingly effective at gaining credibility. (I love learning about new things and sharing it with others!)

Ingrid Cheng

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