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Friday, February 26, 2016

Thrive or Jet

I am trying out an online discount healthy products store and really like the extra 15% off (as a new member) and free bone broth (Free 1 month trial).

I tried Blissmo box, a monthly subscription that's quite good but I can't really choose though they give 2-3 options. Also, I may not want stuff every month.

I also tried (No membership fee) and extra 15% off (15NOW) your first order. I like Jet because I don't buy enough to justify paying a $50+ yearly membership nor do I get tied down to a subscription. I order what I want when I want, so it's best for me.

I go to Trader Joe's every week to get the pre-packed organic salad, the dark chocolate and other stuff. Their prices are good, but I think the sizes have shrunk.

I belong to Costco and go there every 3 months to get stocked up. I even got my new Prius at special Costco price through their Auto Program.

I believe we all want to thrive and use healthy products. So, try one of the above and see if it's right for you.

Ingrid Cheng
Blogger, certified yoga teacher

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