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Monday, February 8, 2016

7-Day Love Challenge for Valentine's Day

How do you treat yourself? Are you kind, loving and supportive? Do you talk to yourself in negative ways? I catch myself saying or thinking "I'm so stupid" or "I'm lazy" or "Why can't I be better at..."

We all can be hard on ourselves because we let fears control us. So we keep playing it safe. We feel guilty or stressed out. We focus on what we don't want instead of what we want. We live to please others and deny our real selves. We are too afraid to pursue our dreams. Or we tried and failed so we give up. I've been reading "Adventures for Your Soul" by Shannon Kaiser. I'm learning so much about myself and want to share with you. I let negative thoughts keep me from happiness and a great life. I settle because I am afraid of the unknown. I want to thrive not just survive.

1. I want to write a book in a place that inspires me
2. I want to go back to school or take classes
3. I want to play in nature and visit National Parks
4. I want to travel, visit my sister & niece in Singapore, go to Indonesia & Malaysia
5. I want to connect & collaborate with like-minded people to create fun, educational cartoons for kids

I know this is the place to share my dreams because of all the positive members. The 7-Day Love Challenge is inspired by the book which offers a 30-day one. I figure it's easier to start with a week.

I am going to put myself first and not feel guilty or selfish
I will go on "dates' with myself, do things I love to do
I will follow my heart not my head

Hope you'll join me or support me in this challenge.

Ingrid Cheng
Let's connect, collaborate and create passionate, purposeful lives.

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