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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kid's Yoga Events

National Yoga Recess Day
Friday, February 26, 2016.
Yes, we need a national awareness day to focus on the benefits of yoga for kids and youth.
  • Yes, movement, breath and stretching have tremendous benefits for kids and youth starting with physical fitness, mental clarity and focus (guaranteeing better grades ...).
  • Yes, Friday, February 26 hundreds of school teachers will integrate yoga-type exercises into their daily teaching schedule.
  • Yes, yogis, parents and organizations nationwide will support Yoga-Recess-Day and help create awareness.
  • Yes, school teachers are ready to help their kids be healthier and fitter using yoga movements, breathing exercises and stretching.

What now? Get involved!
School Teachers: Access free resources
Parents, Yogis: Share with friends and family

Kid's Yoga Day
March 12 (see above)

Ingrid Cheng
Blogger, certified yoga teacher

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