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Monday, February 22, 2016

Benefits of Tai Chi

I had the chance to learn Tai Chi yesterday and enjoyed getting my energy flowing. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that combines slow, deliberate movements, meditation and mindful breathing. It can help improve circulation, balance, flexibilyt, strength, endurance and alignment; also it restores your energy. Everyone can benefit from Tai Chi because it promotes better balance and muscle control.

The teacher explains that Tai Chi is about using Dan Tian located in the lower abdomen to channel our energy and stay centered. Tai Chi balanced the yin (feminine) with the yang (masculine) and helps us be grounded/ rooted to the earth while connecting to the heaven.

Tai Chi is good for seniors because it is a low-impact exercise that improves balance and prevents falls - a leading cause of death from injury and disability among older adults. One of the most serious fall injuries is hip fracture. One-half of all older adults hospitalized for hip fracture never regain their former level of function. Tai Chi also promotes calmness and reduces stress.

So, try Tai Chi. It's good for you.

Ingrid Cheng
Blogger, certified yoga teacher

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