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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free Health Day

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#Health + #Yoga

I was at a great event yesterday and met a cool dog called Sonny Ray. He's a Pit Bull that gives back to his breed with his designer sunglasses. Sonny Ray is a service and therapeutic dog that spreads happiness. His influence has inspired many people to join Tough Love Pit Bull Rescue. For details about this cool dog & Tough Love, go to:

I want to train my dog Sparky to be a therapy dog because she has helped my dad become more physically active. He has chronic pain that used to limit his movement. He was a couch potato, but Sparky motivated him to go for walks with her. I never asked him to take her out, but he volunteered to do so after my dog bonded to him. He has been walking with Sparky every day since December 2011 and feeling better because of it. Sparky is great with kids and every one loves her. She'd be a great service dog.

Are you a dog or pet lover? If you love animals, please consider helping these non-profits:
Best Friends 

Enough about my pet causes. Let's talk about health and wellness. The U.S. spends more per person on health care (about $4,500) than any other country, but our life expectancy is 27 in the world. 47 million of us don't have health (sickness) insurance. 70% of the nation is regarded as overweight. No surprise that the Urban Institute forecasts that the rapid increase of these conditions will add another $466 billion to the total cost by 2030.
Health = Prevention + Common Sense. It’s an essential investment. For example, four diseases associated with obesity and smoking — diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke — today cost $238 billion a year ($134 billion of it paid by Medicare and Medicaid).
Let’s start to focus on our health now. The cost of failure is simply unacceptable.
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