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Friday, February 10, 2012

Basketball is Like Life

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Have fun, play all out, practice being consistent and persistent. Create your own shots, pass the ball, take breaks to recoup, work hard and have a winner’s mentality. It’s the fourth quarter and your team is behind. Do you play extra hard to catch up and maybe win the game or do you give up?  In a different scenario, it’s the last 6 minutes of the fourth quarter. Your team was ahead 5 points, but the opposition has tied the game. They were playing all out and creating shots while your team was being complacent. Now, the game is going their way. Do you believe that you’ve got what it takes to be a game-changer? As one of the players who scored the most points, you did your job and got to rest while others kept playing. Some of the players in your team didn’t do their job and let the opposition call the shots. You see this and feel impatient with them. Why can’t they just play their game? You know how good those people are, yet they are not playing all out. “Be the change you want to see.” You tell them as the coach calls a time-out to discuss strategy and switch out some players. Finally, you get to play a winning game, but you must enroll others in your team in order to win.  Do you show them by example and play all out or do you just tell them to step up their game, but don’t do what you tell them to do?

Jeremy Lin is a great basketball player because he knows who he is and what he gets to do as a NBA player is a privilege. As an Asian-American, he gets to represent his race in a game that’s dominated by another race. He is doing what he loves to do and doesn’t forget how he gets to be where he is. He continues to create his own shots, play all out and be an example to others in basketball as well as in life. I’m having fun learning about him. As I watched him on YouTube with my mom, I rediscovered my passion for basketball. It’s because of players like Jeremy Lin that I watch the game. Life is like a game. Are you a spectator or a player? Do you have a winner’s mentality, practice every day and play all out? In your childhood and youth, the first half quarter of the game, it was either fun or not. If you hated or loved it, what made you feel that way? Please consider that you are not your past. As an adult, you get to call the shots. Do you let life happen to you or do you create what you want out of life? When you’re in the final quarter of your life, do you play a winning game or just take it easy because you have done your job? I want to be like Jeremy Lin. Whom do you admire and want to be like? 

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