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Saturday, February 4, 2012


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An author is "the person who originates or gives existence to anything" and authorship determines responsibility for what is created. When I declared that I wanted to write a book, I created a new possibility and reality. October 9, 2012 was a defining day for me. I shared my dream with a room full of people (hundreds of them) at Leaders causing Leaders, That night, after I declared it, I began to write. Little did I know that I was already an author because I created my blog in July 2012. 

Intuitive Warrior - Leaders causing Leaders distinctions:

1) Being Present - Be aware of your thoughts, words, beliefs, actions and attitude. Attend to what is in front of oneself in the moment. Getting clear and clearing others.

2) Transparency - Being free to be public about one's humanness and creating the space for others to have the same freedom. Being open and exposed, not withholding.

3) Humility - Giving up 'BEING RIGHT". Being vulnerable

4) Integrity - Being accountable, responsible and competent.

5) Compassion - Kindness - Grace

6) Resilient Visionary - Clarity of your Vision and holding space for your Vision. Knowing that everything is "perfect". Going out of one's comfort zone, going beyond who you know yourself to be.

7) Servant Leadership - Being in service to the group or organization. Demonstrating Love, Leading the way, bridging separation. Building community through acknowledgments and apologies tools. Listening and Recreating others so they know they have been heard.

8) Being Unstoppable - Being OK with "no" for an answer. (no just means "not now"). Enrolling others in your community to your vision, making unreasonable requests.

Everyone is a story-teller. We always make up a story about an event that happened to explain how and why it happened. The event itself had no meaning, but we label it good or bad. If we had a positive experience, we want to hold onto it. When something goes wrong or we feel bad about an event, we react in a negative way. 3 things that most of us do - B, C and J.

Blame - We blame others, the event or ourselves
Complain - We ask how or why this is happening to us
Justify - We give excuses or reasons about why it is the way it is

What kind of author are you? Do you create stories that are empowering, inspiring and positive? Are you a hero or a victim? Does your story make sense to others? Are you afraid of criticism or rejection? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. I'm writing this book to empower myself and others to create a better world. Are you with me? Do you want to be a part of my dream and mission? Let's do this even if it's hard because it's the right thing to do!

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Source: Authorship

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