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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prevent Cold and Flu

My Healthy Habit
Thought you might find this helpful since it's the cold and flu season:

A 2010 study found that kids who took a vitamin D supplement during cold and flu season were twice as likely to avoid the flu as kids who took a placebo. Think your diet could use more vitamin D? You could take a supplement  or try upping your intake of vitamin D-enriched foods like dairy, juices, and soy products. Mushrooms are also a good dietary source of vitamin D. Make sure you don't take more than 2000 IU each day.

Try drinking Fortune Delight tea with anti-oxidants or taking Reserveage ViraLaurin Immune supplements. I also mix my tea with Amazing Grass Organic ORAC Green SuperFoods in a cup of water and add a bit of Pom juice to sweeten it.

Wash your hands or use an anti-bacteria gel if you are traveling or can't find a bathroom nearby. Cough like a Vampire: Rather than coughing into your hand, use the crook of your elbow to “catch” your cough or sneeze. 
Exercise to build immunity: When your body is in good shape, it’s better equipped to fight off nasty germs. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps boost the immune system. The trick, like with anything health-related is balance. Just 20-30 minutes of fast walking or yoga 5 days a week is enough to give your immune system a boost.

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  1. Usually it is heard that Vitamin C is helpful in cold and flu as it helps prevent it and even for its further causes but studies have now proved that Vitamin D is also a good supplement that is found helpful in preventing from cold and flu. Moreover, Vitamin –D is also termed as very helpful in reducing upper respiratory infections upto some level. So, Vitamin D is also proved as a very good supplement which is can help to prevent various health problems. This study is like a miracle as it has shown various benefits but because of the inconsistent reports there is still a doubt in the minds of many that is Vitamin D really helpful in preventing Cold and Flu infections? Because some of the clinical trials gives the positive result but the others result are not significant. And this creates confusion but still it is reported that Vitamin D is really helpful in preventing respiratory infection and even in treating the acute respiratory infections.
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