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Monday, November 14, 2011

Give a Meal, Get a Meal

I Love Organic Food!
I'm hosting a Food & Pampering night for women who want to look good inside out. I went to a pampering/ networking event yesterday, got free mini-facial, make-over, mini-massage and networked with the women there. I think this is a great way to have fun & network. RSVP for details. If you can't come, donate $10 with your Beyond Organic order to pay for a meal for someone in need and get a gift of $10 worth of free product credits on your next order.
Urban Youth Impact (UYI) was founded in 1997 to make a positive impact on the lives of poverty-stricken inner-city youth living in the Tamarind Avenue corridor. The area has notoriously high crime rates; 32% of youth living in the community are not expected to graduate from high school; over 50% live below the poverty level.
Beyond Organic Foundation has a new ministry-The Widows and Orphans Fund. This fund was established to provide food, clothing and shelter to widows and orphans around the world. 
Since 1983, Mercy Ministries’ free-of-charge, voluntary Christian residential program has served a diverse population of young women from various socio-economic backgrounds, ages 13-28, who have been physically and sexually abused, including victims of sex trafficking.


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