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Friday, November 4, 2011

I Love Blog World!


I made a new friend from Costa Rica at Blog World Expo today. We both have an Expo Pass (limited access), but still had fun checking out all the vendors, getting freebies, etc. I spent about 2 hours at the exhibit hall, was glad to see a familiar face  's  handle sign   and even got a free massage by Found out about United Way's Home Walk L.A to end homelessness and Cooking with the Troops. Signed up for virtual walk on 11/19. Told them about my involvement with

My new friend wanted to go shopping during lunch break, so I told her about the Fashion District and Santee Alley. Since she's a tourist, I played tour guide and drove her to that area. Even though it was raining, we enjoyed finding bargains and having lunch at a small Mexican/ Korean restaurant. If I haven't met her, I'd have checked out the "open" sessions, but I really believe that we were meant to be friends. Hope to meet more new friends and learn more at #BWELA tomorrow. #VirBookTour is in San Francisco today, but my main focus is spreading the word about Blog World Expo.

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