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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brendon's D.U.M.B Goals

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Don't start with S.M.A.R.T goals - they keep you in a box and limit you. Without knowing your passion and mission, you will not achieve greatness.

Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and one of the best trainers in the personal development field shared his D.U.M.B goals in The Advanced Motivation Program and I love what he said. D.U.M.B. goals are Dream-focused, Uplifting, Method-based (meaningful) Behaviors or actions that let you dream Big! Share your dreams and attract change makers, mentors, followers, supporters. I declare that I will passionately and powerfully share my dreams!

My mission is to empower women to be healthy inside out. My vision is to create a kinder and more loving world through my coaching and yoga workshops.

I am learning to focus on how I show up, to be my best self every day. I am open, engaged, enthusiastic and enjoying the process. I appreciate and celebrate magic moments. It's the 2nd half of the year and have you made any progress toward your goals? Did you know that many people made their New Year's resolution, but gave up in 90 days? If you are one of them or it you are not making enough progress, join my Full Moon Yoga & Vision Board Workshop on Aug 7th. The Pre-Harvest Full Moon is a time for planning (planting seeds of intention). In the workshop, I will guide you on a vision quest through yoga and mindful creation of your personal vision board. I will give you tools to plan (plant seeds of joy, love and prosperity) so that you can enjoy an abundant harvest. Don't miss out on this special event. RSVP now!

Ingrid Cheng
Certified Law of Attraction Trainer
Yoga Teacher

P.S. Join Being Well

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