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Sunday, July 30, 2017

3 Keys to the Law of Attraction

Manifest Your Dreams
1. Acceptance - Accept yourself fully and unconditionally
2. Belief - Examine your beliefs. Are they empowering you or sabotaging you?
3. Commitment - Be committed to aligning your actions with your goals or vision.

Know your "What and Why". What is your mission? Find a Why that is bigger than yourself.

My mission is to empower women to be healthy inside out. My vision is to create a kinder and more loving world through my Mindfulness Coaching and Transformational Yoga Classes. Contact
me to schedule a complimentary breakthrough session.

I created my Vision Board in April and wrote down what I wanted to manifest in my life. Since then, my affirmations and daily actions have brought new opportunities, people and possibilities that help me realize my dreams. I became a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and am helping non-profits with new fundraising ideas and methods. I took an online Social Media Marketing Class, learned Personal Branding with Cynthia Johnson, CGC Consumer Generate Content Marketing at Inspire, I am taking The Advanced Motivation Program at Brendon,com and will take a P.R. workshop on Monday. I am so grateful to learn from successful people like Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and one of the best trainers in the field of personal development.

I am learning to do 4 things really well:
1. Manage my physical, mental and spiritual energy
2. Focus
3. Be disciplined
4. Learn and grow every day

I am reading and applying The Motivation Manifesto to my practice. You can request a free copy at (just pay shipping) or get it on Amazon.

I got a free copy and wrote my own declaration to claim my own power. Join me and be empowered.

There's much more to share. Stay tuned.

Ingrid Cheng
Certified Law of Attraction Trainer
Health Coach
Yoga Teacher

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