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Monday, August 7, 2017

6 Roles We Choose to Claim Our Dreams

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"So much of our lives goes unnoticed. Locked indoors, hidden behind (computers), we missed entire season. We don't feel satisfied with the time we spent outside. We are too checked out or busy thinking about (the past) or (the future) to even sense the magic." Brendon Burchard, The Motivation Manifesto. "Reality is only here, now and we must learn to face it, feel it and form it."

In his book, Brendon declares that we must "proactively choose our roles and behaviors each day and purpose is the greatest bridge to Now." Contact me for a free breakthrough session.

6 Roles We Choose to Claim are:

1. Conscious Observer - Yoga teaches awareness and helped me observe my beliefs and habits. It allows me to examine my thoughts and feelings, to ask deep questions. I realized that how I show up and why I react in a certain way created my lifestyle. If I was doing something good for me (yoga), why was I eating junk? Yoga empowered me to have a healthy relationship with food, with myself and others.

2. Creator/ Director - If we can imagine life as a movie, we can direct each scene and character within it. The director calls all the shots. We are the real planners and authority. Those who are unhappy with their current stories have wandered too long through life without any real intent. They focused on the wrong things (negative) and are missing the good things (positive). They respond to life as  whiny brats complaining, doing the same things and expecting a better result.
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3. Guardian - Everything we consume becomes a part of us. Be guardians of your minds and bodies. Many people eat fake foods because they are fast and convenient rather than eat real, whole foods that are good for all. (Two-thirds of adults in the U.S are overweight, one-third are obese because too many) are gorgers, mindlessly stuffing and poisoning themselves. Yoga empowered me to change my eating habits. I used to think that I had no time to cook, but I learned and now I make healthy meals in less than 30 minutes. It took some practice and it was totally worth it. I enjoyed real whole foods and saved so much money that I managed to fund my retirement.

4. Warriror - What skills must we learn now to win? What tools and resources do we need? Let us acquire them now. Who will be our comrades and support system? Let us seek to meet and enlist them now. My mission is to empower women to be healthy inside out. This is what I am fighting for.
I love "Fight Song" by Rachel Patten. I get inspired by it every time I listen to it.

5. Lover - Never forget whom we are fighting for. Lovers have a big heart and care deeply about others. They are heart-centered and pay attention to those they love. I love my niece Jordan and when I am with her, I am focused on what makes her happy. She loves to sing, so I sing with her and we have so much fun! I believe that she could be the next Taylor Swift. I didn't use to like her, but because Jordan likes her songs, I grew to like them too.

6. Leader - The world is so intoxicated by greed and intolerance that we must lead if we want to create a better world. My vision is to create a kinder and more loving world through yoga.
"How can I empower those around me to do more good? How can I help others solve problems and achieve their dreams" If more people asked these questions and do something now, we'd be on our way to realizing my vision.

Ingrid Cheng
Law of Attraction Trainer
Yoga Teacher

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